Transformation Tuesday : Our front Entryway

I think I will start Transformation Tuesdays again, I will start at the entryway and move on to each room in order. We touched just about every room in the house so there is so much to share! So Today I will start at the beginning, the Entryway.

To be honest I didn’t love the Entryway of this house, it seemed too small and I wasn’t too sure about the archway. It felt super dark and narrow. I thought about getting rid of the hall closet and opening it up more, but decided to just keep it and work with what we had. I think most of the darkness came from the drab paint color on the walls. It just wasn’t doing the house any favors. By painting them all white it really made a huge difference! I had our contractor add some board and batten to give that little space a little more character and because I really wanted to keep the window that they had over the double doors that led to the front bedroom I felt like the board and batten made it look like it was there intentionally. I wish I had pictures of the entryway before, but I only have pics of the during stages and after. I guess I wasn’t impressed enough with that space to even take pics before.

We replaced the light fixture and added coat hooks on the wall under the window. While it still is a small entryway, I feel like it feels brighter and more welcoming 🙂 I added a cute little bench on one side while one might think that would make the space look even smaller I feel like it actually does the opposite.

It’s so hard to take good pictures of small spaces or just pictures in general, sometimes you just have to see it and get the feel of it in person, I feel like that has happened in all of my transformations. Even though the entryway seems like no big deal, it’s sets the tone for the whole house, and sometimes its the only thing you see in a persons home, so I tried to make it as inviting as I could. But the view of the backyard almost always steals the show anyways, so I am glad we didn’t do too much more than we did.

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