Transformation Tuesday: Powder Room

The powder room used to be a full bathroom. But since we were going to be using the front bedroom as our Pantry ,we ended up taking the jetted tub out of this bathroom and turning it into the powder room which made much more sense, and it was the easiest way to make a walkway from the kitchen to the pantry by using the space where the tub sat. It’s so hard to explain. Hopefully over the next couple of posts it will all make sense.

We actually didn’t do too much to this room, I even kept the old dated faucet and pedestal sink because it has so much charm and I really liked it. I figure I can easily replace it if and when I need to, but for now I am keeping it. That is something that I think some people don’t understand, you don’t have to replace every single thing when doing a remodel, in fact some things are in perfect working order and If you can incorporate it into the project I think more power to you. I also just hate throwing away perfectly good things! Doug and I are the same when it comes to recycling things and reusing them also, it’s so hard when people don’t understand that way of thinking. New isn’t always necessarily better… They just don’t make a lot of things as good as they did back in the day. ok enough about that. LOL not sure why I went on that little tangent, but I did get questioned a lot about not buying new, and It kind of bothered me, why does everything have to be replaced?

Here you can see the tub. My dad actually wanted us to save the tub for him, so getting it out without just cutting it in half or destroying it, proved to be a lot harder than we thought, but Doug is the man and was able to get it out in one piece!

Luckily for us we actually liked the tiled floors that were already in the bathroom and the previous owner had left some extra tiles so we were able to patch the floors.

I decided to add Board and Batten to the powder room, to kind of match the front entryway. I loved how that turned out. I also wanted to put some really fun and wild wallpaper in there, but Doug was not having it, so after months of searching, I finally found one that made my heart skip a beat when I saw it. I knew it was the one! Doug liked it too. It’s fun but not wild ( think monkeys and palm trees) Ya he wasn’t having that. LOL but once I found this paper I forgot all about my wild paper!

We added a new mirror and light fixture and it was good to go! I love how it all came together. It’s so hard to take pictures of small rooms, I tried my best but you really have to just see it in person it appreciate it šŸ™‚ The gold in the wallpaper is shiny so it made it really hard to get good pictures of it. But I love it and it makes me happy!

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