I think I am a borderline Hoarder!!

Our remodel was finally finished the end of March and it’s taken us way longer than usual to get settled in. I think we have WAY too much Junk!! I literally don’t know how we have so much stuff?!? Before we moved we had a huge garage sale and got rid of so much stuff I don’t even know what we sold, we haven’t missed any of it! We also ordered a HUGE dumpster when we were moving and managed to fill that thing up to the top, full of who knows what? So when we still had two storage units full, plus the things we took with us to the condo, I am starting to think Doug and I are borderline Hoarders!! LOL Like seriously two people shouldn’t own this much stuff!!

Moving from a single family home to a twin home even though they are pretty much the same size square foot wise, has been a challenge. We are dealing with a small two car garage instead of a three car garage and we don’t have a yard with two tuff sheds anymore to hold all of our random crap, so dealing with that has been somewhat of a nightmare to say the least but we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We have taken several trips to the dump, like so many, I am pretty sure the workers all know Doug by now. It’s been overwhelming at times but also it feels so good to get rid of so much stuff and get a fresh start!

But If I am being totally honest with myself, I could probably get rid of so much more, I mean who needs to keep dishes from their wedding over 30 years ago? Any why do I have over 20 flower vases and more than 30 pairs of jeans? I am not sure what the average number of things most people own, but I know Both Doug and I when we like something we tend to have multiples of them( just ask Doug how many pairs of Lululemon ABC pants he has LOL) , like is that normal or no? I am really starting to wonder?!

I am not a hoarder like you see in that TV show, I would die if I ever got like that, I don’t hold onto my trash and I can see all of my floors, so I think I am good there, maybe there is a different word for what we have? we just like to have excess amounts of things we like around us! LOL like even our candy bench Is over the top, yes, I said candy bench, we have a bench at the end of our bed full of just candy! I mean who does that?

Is My Bench Making Me Fat??

Oh well whatever it is called, I think we have got it under control for now. I am excited to feel settled in now and living in our new place. I will be sharing our remodel transformations soon!! Stay Tuned!

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