Is My Bench Making Me Fat??

I know what you are thinking, How can a bench make you fat?? Well It’s not so much the bench itself but what is kept inside it that is making me fat. You see I can’t even remember when we got it but I am pretty sure when we bought it we didn’t intend for it to become what it is today.  Instead of keeping your typical blankets or other linen’s in it,we slowly started to hide our treats and other things we didn’t want the boys to get into. This was way back when they were still little boys. I would hide all my chocolates and gum and Doug would hide all his precious gummy bears and lemon heads. As the years went on they got wise to us and found out about our stash, but they knew better than to take anything out of there without asking.  Sure there were a few times that things would go missing, but for the most part they were really good at staying out of it. We’ve gotten into that thing so much we’ve actually broken a hinge and It now creaks every time we open it! No more sneaking into the bench for us!

I find that I’m opening that thing up more and more lately! Ugh, I have got the sugar bug bad lately! It seems like all my body craves right now is sugar!   Now Let’s be honest my body has always craved sugar, I am probably the worst eater out there, But it just never really has been an issue, whenever the cravings struck I would reach in and eat whatever my little heart wanted, no problem… Until recently, I have been putting on weight at a rapid pace and it’s been very traumatic for me. All my life I have been one of those obsessive people who weighs themselves every single day so much so that I would sometimes weigh myself before and after going to the bathroom! T.MI.??? Sorry, but its the truth! LOL  If the scale would go up a little bit I would know to cut back a bit and in a day or two my weight would drop back down. Well lately no matter what I do the weight won’t budge!  Having this bench full of treats is definitely not helping matters, but to be honest I don’t even know if getting rid of it would help, I seriously gain weight without even trying! This getting old and fat stuff is so freaking hard!! What do you guys think? Is my bench making me fat? Or is it just the beauty of getting older?


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