Message Board Monday


I was skimming through a bunch of different quotes today and this one caught my eye. Anyone who knows me knows that I dread the end of summer, because with the end of summer comes Winter, my least favorite time of the year. I hate being cold. I hate almost everything about the snow, but driving in it scares the crap out of me, so I end up staying indoors way more than I would like to and go a little stir crazy, which is probably why I get pretty down and depressed in the winter too. I have been trying to change my attitude towards the upcoming cold season because I really dread feeling that way. So instead of instantly going from summer to winter in my head I need to remember there’s this awesome time of year called Fall, that I almost always lump right into winter.  Fall is actually not too bad and October is an awesome month, It’s still warm ish outside but it’s also the time of year I get to pull out all my fun fall clothes, sweaters, raincoats and booties.  I also love fall food…Hot Chocolate, pumpkin bread, cookies, muffins…all things pumpkin really. I also love Halloween, besides Christmas it is probably my favorite holiday I mean any holiday that revolves around dressing up and eating candy is right up my alley! LOL So instead of dreading the seasons changing this year, I am trying to embrace them so raise up a steaming hot mug of Cocoa with me and Cheers to October!!


***Also look at this cute succulent planter I found while at Trader Joes the other day! Is this not the cutest thing ever? It makes me happy just looking at it!


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