Short Par 4 Box #3

Doug’s 3rd Short Par 4 Box came this past weekend, This is a monthly subscription and it seems to come around pretty quickly! Proof that time really does fly by!  In this box he got a lot of goodies! I was surprised how much was in this one. I’m blown away at the $49.99 price!


Under Armour golf hat

Under Armour Golf Shirt

Short Par 4 Golf Towel

No Sweat Hat liners

Nike Ball Marker

Short Par 4 Ball Marker


I was the most excited to see these No Sweat Hat Liners, I mean who even knew these things even existed??  My man has a bald head and ruins almost all his favorite hats after one or two rounds of golf. You never really think about all the advantages of having hair are, catching our head sweat in one big one! He always  get those sweat rings on his hats and tries to wash them out but almost always ends up ruining the hat, so I can’t wait to see how these work.


And these ball Markers… LOL Who Doesn’t love a saying from Happy Gilmore??  Just Tap it in…Tap, Tap, Taparoo



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