Stitch Fix Box #7

With my Reunion coming up I decided I would just let my Stitch Fix stylist determine what I would wear to it, because I had no clue what to wear. Well my box was supposed to come the monday before we left, instead It didn’t arrive until the day before we left, so I really didn’t have much time to review the clothes or to determine if I really liked them or not and I had not come up with a back up plan so I just had to make whatever she sent work. I immediately didn’t like the jeans, or the jacket. The jacket just fit weird, it felt like the collar was too high up on my neck somehow and totally did flatter me the way the hem went up in the back. The jeans just felt weird on, like they were pulling down in the back and I felt like they made my thighs look thunderous! LOL So those two I didn’t even pack. While I liked the two tops they sent I wouldn’t say they were my favorites, in fact this was my first box that I didn’t keep everything in it, so I would say this was my least favorite fix so far. But not because I didn’t like the style of it all, mostly because of the fit or how they felt on. I think the plaid shirt is super cute but I am pretty sure I could have used a smaller size, and the other top was too tight across my chest, but big everywhere else, so the fits where just a tad off on them, But I do think the shoes are super cute!  I will say in the pictures they don’t look as bad as I guess they felt, I am picky, if something isn’t comfortable I will not wear it!


Fortune+Ivy Chritelle Button Down Blouse


Liverpool Temma Denim Jacket


Vogoss Colle Distressed Cropped Skinny Jeans


BC Footwear Set-Me-Free Lace-up Peep toe Bootie


WEST KEI Julianne Tie Front Cuffed Sleeve Blouse


It was kind of nice having someone else pick out what to wear to my 30th reunion, but at the same time I kind of didn’t feel like myself in that top, but oh well nobody cares what I wore, everyone else was too concerned about what they were wearing so I figure I am good.


If you want to give Stitch Fix a try, Click the link below to get $25 off your first fix! Which is like trying it out for free! If you don’t keep anything you are literally out nothing!! What do you go to lose??

$25 off your first Stitch Fix Box



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