Rio Secreto

We booked this excursion when we first got to the hotel. I was worried about the wet suits, I was worried because I have never worn one before and all I could think of is how tight it would be and how hard it would be to put on, I even joked about bringing some baby oil to help get it over my big ole butt and hips. Well I laughed pretty hard when I saw what the real situation was. These wet suits were humongous! LOL no baby oil needed!!

When we first got there they had us change into our suits and lock everything up in lockers no phones, cameras or anything like that. We then were outfitted in all the gear, the wetsuit, the life jacket, water shoes and helmet. I literally looked like I was wearing a fat suit with all that gear on I was secretly glad no cameras were allowed. But we did have a guide who’s only job was to take pictures of the whole thing. Oh Great. LOL

After we were all geared up but before we could go into the cave they had a little old man perform a short ritual, a sacred Mayan cleanse, he chanted some words and had a swinging pot of incense or something like that. It was pretty cool and fun to experience.

The caves were beautiful! If you live in Utah or have visited Utah and have been to the Timponogos Caves it felt and looked a lot like that but of course you were under ground and in water. I believe these caves have only been recently found in the last 10 years or so. This world is so dang beautiful and fascinating to me and it blows my mind to think of how many years these and so many other things have been around and that we are just now discovering them!

Our guide was really good, she was very informative and put up with our group, which can be a lot. lol. At one point we wanted to know just how dark the cave really was so she let us turn off all our lamps, and boy was that was eerie, I mean it was pitch black and it really made me realize how crazy this was, like what if for some reason we got stuck down there and had no lights? I don’t think I could of found my way out! Not only was it dark but there are things to bump into at every turn. Even when we were deep in the water I managed to bang my leg on a formation that was coming up from the ground, and we all bumped our heads at least once I think ducking and going through the tiny openings. I really enjoyed this excursion even though If I thought about it too long I realized how much danger we could be in if for some reason this thing caved in! Apparently there are no earthquakes in Mexico but the ground has been known to sink in there, I mean where do you think those Cenotes came from?

After the tour we got out of all our gear and they had a nice lunch ready for us to eat. I always seem to like the food at these excursions and it’s funny because it’s usually nothing I would ever even try normally, so apparently I need to step out of the box a little more often.

We got the opportunity to buy the pics that were taken, we decided to just buy them all and split the price, which ended up being the best deal. But I laugh because there were so many hideous pictures! I used to think I would love to have someone following me around on my vacations so I never have to think about taking pictures…. Well maybe not, paparazzi pics are not the most flattering, well especially in that get up!

Overall this was a good time and I highly recommend it!!

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