Playa Del Carmen 2022

Well another year, another friends trip! You would think I would get sick of going back to the same place over and over but Nope, It is always a good time!

This year we decided to try a different resort. Usually I spend hours and hours doing my research but I’ve been so pre occupied with the house renovations I just didn’t put that much effort in. We had a few requirements, so that made our search pretty easy, we had a budget, a location and we wanted adults only. We found all of that at The Wyndham Alltra Playa Del Carmen Adults Only All Inclusive. The property was a little smaller and the beach had been wiped out by the hurricane a couple years ago, so I was really worried it wouldn’t be as fun.

Overall we were all very happy with this resort. The service by far was the best we have ever had! Everyone was super friendly and helpful. The place may of been smaller but it was beautiful. There were three restaurants and the buffet. Out of the three the Italian place was the best by far! It was so good we made reservations for it three times out of the 7 days! I highly recommend getting the chicken Parmesan and the Lasagna, yep I ordered two entrees every time! I couldn’t decide which one was better in fact they were both better with each other. One night we all decided to order two entrees and trying to explain that to our waiter was proving to be a little difficult, So Tony said Dos Y Dos and for some reason that made everything clearer for our waiter, which had us laughing pretty good. What is even funnier is the same thing happened to us last year and for some reason when Tony says Dos Y Dos it just makes sense to them! LOL maybe you had to be there but it was funny and we wont be stopping using that saying anytime soon.

Another reason this was such a great place, was the location, you literally walked maybe half a block and you were right on 5th avenue. If you wanted to go shop or eat outside the resort you were only steps away. We actually dedicated one day to shopping on 5th Ave and I will say I am over it. I usually love to shop these little shops, but I felt like everyone had jacked the prices up so much higher this time, for example two ice cream cones cost us $17! and everything else I looked at was so ridiculously over priced I definitely didn’t feel like I was in Mexico! I also didn’t like we were being told a sob story every 5 minutes and reasons why I should pay more for this or that. It really got to me this time around and I kind of let it ruin my day. So I refused to go back out the rest of the time. LOL I can get weird like that sometimes. The guys all ate at a dirty sausage stand which they frequented a couple times during our stay and called it the sausage fest and I just couldn’t with that name! 😛 But according to Doug it was the best thing he ate all trip! I will just take his word for it.

Most of the time we just relaxed in the sun and ate and drank as many fruity drinks as our hearts desired. it was a much needed break for Doug and I. We even booked a couples massage and facials. Wow that was nice, I wish we could do that weekly!

One day the guys went golfing, Shannon and I decided to book one of the pool cabanas that day. Wow that was so nice, I loved being waited on and having some shade was nice too because it was HOT that week, we got so lucky it was the best weather we had 83/84 all week! While I love the heat and the sun, that mexican sun is no joke, and I couldn’t take too much time out there, yep I am starting to feel my age I guess. I loved the cabana so much Doug and I booked one for the next day too. Ya I may never be able to go back to regular lounge chairs again!

We decided to book at least one excursion this trip too. We felt like we’ve all seen and done the major touristy things already so this time we went with a cave tour. That was really fun. I will blog more about that tomorrow.

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