Winter Fab Fit Fun Box 2021

I’ve had my winter box for a while now but it literally hasn’t even felt like winter until the last two days, so I figure now would be a good time to share my box. First off I loved this box! it was pretty simple yet full of things I will actually use, so it was a good one! Maybe one of my favorites!!

The first thing I was most excited about was the Bright Angle Elixir Olive Oil Bottle! Ever since I’ve started cooking with Hello Fresh I’ve never used as much olive oil in my life and a drizzle is sooo much easier to pour out of this thing! I love it and its just pretty sitting out on the countertop!

Next are the short Stories Black & white Bowl set. These are just too cute. Even cuter than the blue and white set I got a while back, which I didn’t think was possible! I love them and love to store candy in them and have them sitting out around the house… oh my gosh I sound like a grandma! LOL well grandma was no dummy, nobody should have to go around searching for a little treat, they should just be there when you need them!

Next up is the Koral 1lb wrist/ ankle weights. These things bring back memories of me wearing my dads ankle weights around the house as a kid and taking them off at the end of the day and my legs felt light as a feather! lol these are not like that I mean I think his were like 8 lbs these are only 1 lb, but still fun to put on while cleaning the house or whatever, makes me feel like I’m doing something a little extra, helps to justify eating all those little treats I have sitting all over the house! 😛

Next up it the Herschel Supply Co. Mica Tote. Who doesn’t love a good tote? This one has a zipper closure up top which is always a plus! I think I may have found my new beach bag!

The next two items are perfect for days like today, a lucky brand Scarf and Michael Kors Beanie, both will be perfect for keeping warm in this snow!

The next two items are the Tula Skincare the cult classic all in one cleanser. I love this stuff! I feel like it does the best job at cleaning all the dirt and make up off my face. I’ve used it before and got hooked, so I am so happy to have it offered again, I know some people complain about repeats, but sometimes it’s nice when you actually like it and want to continue to use it. I also got the Sunday Riley A+ HIgh-Dose Retinoid Serum. I have been slacking on my face care, so this will hopefully get me back into a better routine. Just have to start it slow, My face started peeling after two days, make sure you read the instructions for first time user, ease into it.

And last but not least is the Epare Milk Frother. I don’t drink Lattes or Cappuccinos but I am sure I can come up with some fun way to use this little frother. Maybe hot cocoa? Idk I love gadget so I am happy to try it, even though I haven’t yet, maybe today should be that day?

Well that’s it for my winter box, I would say it was a good one, wouldn’t you? This box retails for: $445.44! That’s crazy considering I only paid $92.92 ( I added on 3 items) normally $49.99. If you want to try FabFitFun out for yourself click this link to save $10 off your first box! Now excuse me while I go strap on my ankle weights and make me some hot cocoa! LOL

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