Spring Fab Fit Fun Box 2022

Right before we left for our trip to Mexico my Spring Fab Fit Fun box showed up on my doorstep! That was a really nice surprise! It couldn’t of come at a better time either, It had a few things I was able to throw in my bag for our trip! I love to have new things in my bags when I go on vacation, just makes it feel that much better. I threw in the super cute Morgan Lane Robe for lounging in the room, the claw Clips for quickly pulling my hair up and out of my face, The Double Act eyeshadow stick in cookies and Cream for quick evening makeup these colors went perfect with a nice Sunkissed tan along with the silver Mantra Band.

The rest of the box I decided to keep boxed up and will use once we finally get moved into our home. It will be so fun to be able to pull out the wood Caravan lazy Susan, Spoon Rest and the ban.do acrylic tumblers and use them in my new kitchen and pantry.

I also am excited to use the Human+ Kind hand scrub, Farmacy Honey Halo ultra hydrating ceramide moisturizer and the Londontown cuticle cream all three of these are so much needed with our super dry winters, my body is screaming for moisture right now!

And last but not least, is the Stationary Bundle. It’s so nice to have cards like these on hand. I know that writing hand written letters and cards is almost a lost art, I know I love it when I receive a hand written letter or card, It’s actually been a while since that has happened:( Maybe I should start doing that again. I mean who doesn’t love knowing that you were thought about and someone actually took the time out of their day to sit down and write you something? I know I do! These hopefully will help me to be better at that.

There you have it, another awesome box!

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