Our New(old)House

So Doug and I have been living in his dad’s old place for just about 3 months now, it is a townhome right on the golf course in Spanish Fork, the plan was to stay here until we built our house in Salem. Both of us have kind of fallen in love with this neighborhood, it’s so quiet and laid back and the views are amazing! One day Doug and I were just talking and we both said You know if something were to come up for sale around here, I would be tempted if it were on the golf course, had the master bedroom on the main floor and I was able to have a large master closet and a kitchen with a prep/ butler’s pantry. Well as soon as we put that out into the universe, things happened very quickly!!

Back track to last month when we were going to New York for our 30th anniversary. We were packed up and ready to head to the airport, but we had about an hour and a half before we had to leave, so we did the usual things you do before leaving for a week, water the plants, do the dishes, grab the mail. When I went to get the mail I noticed a flyer on our door. It was for an Open House for a twin home that was for sale up the street. The Open house was for the next day. This street has two types of homes, the brick townhomes that look very 90’s and up the street they look like they are straight out of the swiss alps, or Harry potter, or 100 year old French Tudors( Tudor is probably what it is really called). Two styles that aren’t really my thing, but out of the two I flat out said I would never buy one of those old world looking ones, I love Modern and clean lines, so of course the one for sale was one that has everything but straight clean lines! LOL But something about that flyer made it feel like it was meant to be, we had just started talking about it and bam here’s a flyer on our door, but we were going out of town! We knew if we had a chance in this market we needed to do something about it before we left So Doug called the number and asked if there was any way she could come show us before we left. She said she could be there in an hour, which left us 20 minutes to look through the house and head up to the airport.

Here is what we looked at, this place has great bones and the views, well that’s what got us!

After looking at it we both had this crazy feeling we needed to put in an offer. So the whole way up to the airport we went back and forth thinking of how we should go about doing this and if this is something we really should be doing and we went through all pro’s and con’s and decided If this was the place we were supposed to be it would just happen. So I called Up my niece Quincy who is our loan officer and My sister Nancy who does our title work and then we called Up James who is our Realtor and we made a plan. The price was on the higher side for all the remodeling I wanted to do, so we went back and forth on what we should offer them. Doug was afraid we would lose the house if we didn’t put in a full asking offer but I wasn’t willing to give full asking just because that’s what they wanted. We all know it’s a seller’s market and people are asking so much for everything these days, I really felt like we should offer $20,000 less than asking, Doug was like well I think we just lost this home, I just told him, If we are supposed to be in it, it will happen, if not, there will be something else that comes up or we stick to our original plans of building, we aren’t desperate for a home so it’s really ok if we don’t get it. So for the next couple days we waited to hear back, but we were in New York and we were having so much fun, we didn’t really spend too much time thinking about it, but it was on the top of our conversations for sure. Monday afternoon we got the text that they accepted our offer! What?! that was crazy! But we had lots to do while we were trying to play, we had to set up a home inspection, wire our earnest money, sign a bunch of papers on a really spotty network, and a lot of stuff that would have been a lot easier if we were home. But in the end we were under contract on our actual anniversary! What a fun way to celebrate!

So yesterday we closed on the place! This is kind of a crazy whirlwind of a thing we just did. All I can say is yes it needs work, and yes, I swore I would never do another remodel again, and yes it’s not my style, but I know it will work out in the end, It was meant to be, we know it, we felt it and we had to act on it!! Doug will be able to live his lifelong dream of living on a golf course, which to be honest I never believed would happen! My life long dream is to live on the Beach… I’m just gonna put that out there I mean it worked for Doug! LOL

So the next couple of months will be kind of crazy, but I am excited to share it all with you. I’ve studied those pictures from above for many many hours trying to envision how I want it to look and I cant wait to see how it all turns out! Oh and when I get discouraged or wonder why we did this, I will just look out at this and remember.

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