Fab Fit Fun Box Fall 2021

When we got back from our trip to New York, this box was sitting on our doorstep! I have no idea how long it had been sitting there but I was SOO glad it didn’t get stolen because this might be one of my favorite boxed so far!!

I don’t love fall because that means the dreaded Winter will be here before we know it, but this box made me so happy, maybe I am ready for a change of season?!

This time we were able to fully customize our boxes if you are an annual member like I am! That might be why I liked this box so much or maybe it’s just fun to get stuff in the mail every season? Idk all I know It is always a good day when I see one of these boxes show up!

Here is my box full of goodies! I only added on the wooden cheese board, the rest came in this box!

I don’t even remember what my choices were, but I do know I had a hard time picking, but I think I did pretty good! Here is my loot…

Let first start off with this cute Coach set, I mean I would think this right here would be worth the $49.99 you pay for the box! I’ve always been a big hoop wearing kind of gal, but I have been thinking I need to try to switch things up a bit and these cute earrings are perfect!

Next is this super cute belt bag, I was super bummed this didn’t come before my trip, it would have been perfect! I like how versatile it is, who knew I would be rocking a belt bag( or fancy way of saying fanny pack) again?!?

How cute is this little jewelry holder? I love it! it’s a perfect place to throw my everyday jewelry in while keeping me somewhat organized.

A couple of fixes ago I got the copper set just like these, but these silver ones are so cute I had to get them too! I love them, you can use them in a million different ways, right now these are holding our Oreo’s and Candy, LOL but all you see if prettiness on the counter, it’s genius!

Next is this hat, I mean I don’t think it’s secret I wear a hat more often than not, so you bet I grabbed this one! It will be perfect for fall. I always love me a new hat, you seriously cant have too many!

This trivia game is so small and so cute, I just sat it in the kitchen last Sunday and without even telling the kids they grabbed it and started asking away! I love that! anything that gets people talking, thinking and laughing is a good thing! I also love how small this is, I think I will just keep it out always as a conversational piece.

You can never have too many combs am I right? When I have conditioner in my hair in the shower, I like to detangle my hair using a big wide tooth comb after the conditioner has been sitting on my hair for a while, this way I feel like it gets evenly distributed without tearing all my hear out. I already have one for that, but this one I may just put in my travel bag so I will never be without one!

To be honest I have no clue what this is! LOL But I think it is something to brighten my skin or even my skin tone out? which I totally need so maybe I should get serious and start using it.

And last but not least is this beautiful Cheeseboard, this I added on for an additional $15 which is a deal and I am a sucker for a cute wooden cutting board! I love the warmth it brings to the kitchen!

I mean can you believe how much stuff we got in this Fall box?! This box retails for $449.99 I only paid $64.99 ( 49.99 +15).

If you would like to give Fab Fit Fun a try Use my code to get $10 off your first box! https://share.fabfitfun.com/x/N2VvZm

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