NYC Trip ( Part 3)

Thursday we slept in a bit and then decided to go eat at Junior’s. We heard they have great bakery goods and a good Ruben. Doug loves himself a good Ruben and I love baked goods so seemed like the perfect place to check out! I decided to just order off the appetizer menu and order potato pancake, I had no idea what that would even look like but it sounded delicious. And of course Doug got the Ruben.

Doug said his sandwich was just average, but that stuff to dip it in was really good. I thought my potato pancake thing was soooo Freakin good I haven’t stopped thinking about it since! lol it was pure heaven and probably super healthy too! LOL

After we ate we went to the bakery side to try out some of their treats. We had to try their black and white cookie of course and whatever else struck our fancy.

We ended up getting two black and white cookies and a white cupcake with sprinkles and a chocolate cupcake that looked like a hostess cupcake. While they look amazing, I am going to be honest, I wasn’t that impressed. Maybe we should of tried the cheesecake instead, but I’m not a huge cheesecake lover, but I’m thinking it would have to be better than these cupcakes. I don’t know, they just were average. The Cookies, I felt the same way about too, BUT I’d take another potato pancake any day!

After lunch we wanted to go check out the Ground Zero 9-11 Memorial and Museum . So back to the subway, we were starting to get a hang of this subway stuff.

The memorial was beautiful, and everyone was very quiet and respectful. It’s hard to even imagine having a loved one in those towers on that day. It’s so heartbreaking!!!

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go to the Museum , but Doug says we are here we should go. So we did. I had a hard time in there. Way too much stuff, peoples shoes and watches, bus passes and all the stories of that day, It was just too much for me. I think I am somewhat of an empath, so it was so overwhelming to me to hear and see all these poor families stories. The one that got me was the message from a man who was on one of the highjacked planes and he left a message to his wife telling her that he loved her and probably wont see her again! Yep I couldn’t help but start crying, I cant imagine getting that call from Doug. While the memorial was beautiful I would definitely skip the museum next time, it was just WAY too much for me! But I am glad we went.

After the Museum we decided to head over to Wall Street and check that out. We really just wanted to see the Wall Street Bull. Of course when we finally found it, there was a huge line to take a picture with it. Actually a line on both sides of the bull, one for the front of the bull and one for the back of the bull. Well Doug says I’m not standing in line to take a picture, I told him we have to, we walked all this way, then I said well I will stand in whatever line is shorter… happened to be the balls side that won, So looks like good luck is in my near future! LOL

Friday we made plans with Brent and Nancy. We took the train out to NJ to hang out with them for the day. We missed the train we were supposed to get on, it is even more confusing that the Subway!! But we managed to finally figure it out and make our way to Madison.

When we got there Brent and Nancy were right there at the station waiting for us! They took us to their house and had lunch already for us too. They bought us sandwiches from a deli in Chatham called Turkey Joe. They were really good and nothing like I’ve ever eaten before. After lunch they had some half moon cookies for us to try, I think it’s the Jerseys version of the black and white cookie and in my opinion was way better too!!

After lunch Brent showed us their beautiful backyard. He has become quite the green thumb! I was super impressed.

Next we headed to the museum that Nancy works at and then to some of the little shops they have in their little town. One of them was Snooki’s little shop called The Snooki Shop! That was cool to see, Fun Fact, Brent and Nancy go to the same dentist as Snooki. Wished I could of seen her, that would have been awesome!

Another cute little shop called The Pink Pear had some of the cutest things and even had Doug’s soap he loves ( Dr. Squatch. soap, look it up, I made the mistake of buying him a bunch for Christmas, now he is hooked, they are only like $9 a bar! LOL) But I was most excited about these, If you grew up in the 80’s you know, I couldn’t believe my eyes! you know I had to buy me some! Talk about a blast from the past!

Next we headed to the Mall. We walked around, tried on some super expensive Tiffany jewelry just for fun, Checked out the Love Sac Sectionals or Sactionals to be more exact. I have been wondering what makes these things so cool that people will fork out over $10,000 for them… well after about an hour of the salesman showing me, I get it and now I too want one! LOL, visited Lululemon of course, Doug’s ABC pant obsession is real people, I think he ordered his 30th pair when we were there!! Even got Brent to buy a pair. He should get commission because he gets a lot of people hooked on them also.

After the Mall we headed back to Brent and Nancy’s house and they started cooking us dinner! Steak, mash potato’s, salad, corn on the cob, the works! Everything was delicious! They really gave us the 5 star treatment!

After dinner we sat and chatted for an hour or so then they took us back to our hotel, but not before stopping at The Magic Fountain for an ice cream cone! LOL That name had me envisioning ice cream pouring out of a huge fountain, sadly that wasn’t the case, but ice cream is always good!

Saturday we were going home, but our flight didn’t leave until 7pm so I still had time to find the Pizza I remembered as the best Pizza I have ever eaten! We looked up Joe’s Pizza, it wasn’t too far away from our hotel, so we decided to eat there as our last meal in NYC.

OH MY GOSH! I think it is good we didn’t find this earlier, it was sooo good! Doug even said it was way better than Grimaldi’s and he was pretty impressed with Grimaldi’s too! Crazy thing is this was probably our cheapest meal of the whole week! Give this girl a slice of Joe’s Pizza on a cheap paper plate any day, I am easy! That was a perfect way to end a perfect week! Doug and I had so much fun, I can’t believe we have spent 30 years together, that just blows my mind, and he still likes me, that’s even more mind blowing! LOL I cant wait to see what the next 30 years brings!

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