NYC ( Part 2)

Tuesday was our actual Anniversary and the only day we actually had concrete plans, we bought tickets to see The Eagles at Madison Square Garden to Celebrate! We were pretty excited when we found out they were playing there on our actual anniversary! But the concert wasn’t until 8 pm so we decided to take the day and chill at Central Park. It was pretty hot and the humidity was way up there too, I thought I was going to melt at one point. I made the mistake of leaving the hotel without eating first so once we ended up at Central Park I was getting pretty Hangry, I am not much fun when I get like that. Doug got me a pretzel but it was super hard and not very good, I was hoping they would have some sort of hot cheese or something I could dip it in and the guy offered me mustard and I was like ok, thinking he would give me a little container of mustard, instead he slathered that thing with spicy mustard! YUCK! So not helping my hangry situation! LOL I then got this crazy idea of seeing if we could find Sonja Morgan’s townhome from Housewives of NYC. Oh my gosh my husband is a good sport to even entertain these wild hairs I get. So we start walking and after about 45 minutes we realize how big Central Park is and How very hot and miserable we were!

One of those bike taxi’s came up to us just as we were about to call it quits and offers us a ride, we jump on without even asking how much it would cost us! LOL I think it would of WAY been cheaper to take a regular taxi, but hey were were dying of heat and hunger I think he saw it all over our faces!

Once we got to where we thought maybe Sonja lived I was over the idea and was just hungry and thirsty! We had no clue what was even around and what would be good but we stumbled upon a place called Tony’s Di Napoli and Boy was it GOOOD! I got the Chicken Parmesan and Doug got the Spaghetti and meatballs We both were very happy with our choices and the portions were HUGE, we had plenty left overs for a whole other meal! After we ate we figured we should head back to the hotel to freshen up a bit and head to the concert!

When we first got to our seat we were a little disappointed, the seating chart made us look like we would be closer to the front of the stage, others around us thought the same thing, but once the concert started we realized how awesome our seats were. I loved it and I loved that we didn’t have a ton of people around us either! I was really impressed with this concert, they sounded amazing! It was a perfect way to celebrate our 30th!

Wednesday we decided we wanted to go out to Ellis Island to see the Statue of Liberty. We are total rookies when it comes to New York, apparently you have to have tickets to go up into the Statue like months in advance, so that was obviously not an option for us. We were a little bummed about that, but we ran into a guy on the street selling tickets for a sail boat tour of the island with Manhattan by Sail. I loved the idea of being on the water and seeing everything from the water seemed like a great idea and hopefully cooler idea, because it was another freakishly hot and humid day! Can you tell we live in a very dry climate?!? Our bodies didn’t know what was happening to us! LOL

When we took the subway that morning we happened to get on a car with absolutely nobody on it! that was a first for us, maybe that’s not all that unusual but we thought it was pretty cool. I told Doug, if I was one of those cool people I would be making up a tic toc dance or something right now, So of course I got up and did my empty subway car dance for Doug! LOL I am such a nerd.

After our boat tour we started walking and I don’t think we even knew where we were going we just walked when all of a sudden we noticed we were in China Town. lol that was unexpected!

We probably should of found somewhere to eat there but we really wanted to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and eat at Grimaldi’s, but again we were so hot that idea quickly went out the window and we ended up taking a taxi across! lol

Doug thought that Grimaldi’s was really good, I thought it was just ok. I remember when I was in New York 33 years ago I ate at what I thought was the best Pizza I have ever had, I thought it was called Joes but I wasn’t sure, I kept telling Doug this is not the New York Pizza I remembered. I was determined to find that place. This place was recommended by our friends and I thought It was just alright. After dinner we had to figure out the subway back, we reallly struggled with directions there, Even Doug did, which is very unusual for him, he was just so turned around, I think not having mountains as a landmark made it really hard, and our GPS was all wacky too! Luckily we met some of the nicest people while we were there and helped us get to where we needed to go. The stereotype of New Yorkers being hard, Ya, I’m not buying it!

That’s enough for today, more NYC fun to come….

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