NYC Trip ( part 1)

When Doug and I were trying to decide how and where we wanted to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary, we looked at a bunch of different options, we narrowed it down to Bermuda, Hawaii or New York City. With Hurricane Henri I am really glad we ruled out Bermuda, and Hawaii is always fun, but we kind of wanted to do something different so we settled on New York City. Doug had never been (besides sitting in the airport at JFK) and I was 18 years old the only time I went, so we were excited to see the city and do something different than our usual beach vacations and explore this awesome city together.

Doug really wanted to see a Yankees game. They were playing Saturday and Sunday. Our original plan was to go to the game on Sunday afternoon. We flew on the red eye Friday evening to Saturday morning. We were exhausted when we landed( 6 am) and luckily were able to get an early check in. We checked the weather and it was looking like Sunday was going to be raining all day, So we made a new plan and decided to get a few hours nap and then head over to the stadium and see if we could get tickets to that game. I usually like to buy our tickets in advance, but Doug just wanted to wait and buy them the day of, which I am so glad we did, because the Sunday game got rained out!

So after our little cat nap we ventured out to figure out the subway system and make our way to the Yankee Stadium. We were so confused at first, we had no clue what we were doing, but luckily and very nice and informative homeless man walked us through the whole process, from purchasing our MetroCard’s to which line to jump on! I am so grateful to that man, because it was a little intimidating at first… ok it still is for me, I was very confused the whole time!

We made it to the game and were able to score some pretty good seats too! There is just something about being at a baseball game, eating a dog and and listening to all the crazy fans, In fact I get the most excited when I realize we are near a super fan, it makes my whole experience. I tried to film one guy who was standing behind us during what he believed to be a bad call… totally made my day, wish I had recorded sooner he was hilarious!

Although we were exhausted, we had a great afternoon and we were really glad we decided to venture out, we were very close to talking ourselves out of it because we were soo sleepy when our alarm went off to wake up for the game.

Sunday we slept in, we knew it was supposed to rain all day so we figured it was a good day to get caught up on our sleep and just chill. But by 3 or 4 in the afternoon we were hungry! So we decided we better venture out and find ourselves something to eat. We had no clue what was around us and we were also surprised by the amount of places that were closed on Sundays.

We were staying in Midtown and we found a little place called Black Iron Burger, oh man was it tasty! it totally hit the spot! While we were there Doug used the bathroom, he was in there a pretty long time and I started to worry a little about him. When he got back to the table I asked him about it and he told me to go use the bathroom and look at the wall when I got in there. So I look around and see that he had been carving our names in the wall! He is so funny and kind of romantic too. LOL I of course didn’t have anything to write with or carve something out with so instead I took a selfie in the mirror… not nearly the same but you got to do what you can! HAHAHA

Monday we had plans with my brother Brent who lives in New Jersey. He was going to come out and spend the day with us and show us around. It was supposed to rain Monday too but just off and on so we were hoping it wouldn’t ruin those plans too, Brent decided to risk it and glad he did, it only rained on us really hard once and just sprinkled on and off the other times.

We started off going to see the Vessel. I hadn’t even heard about this thing before, apparently when it is open you can climb up the whole thing and see incredible views of the Hudson River. It was sadly closed because a couple of people have committed suicide off of it! Seriously So sad:( But it is a beautiful building I am really glad we got to see it.

Next we headed over to the Edge. Another building I had no clue about. This was kind of frightening to me, I am afraid of Heights but I am so glad we did that too. I only wish it was a clear sunny day, I can only imagine how beautiful the city is from way up there…100 flights up or 1,100 feet way up there! YIKES!!

After that we headed over to The Highline which is an elevated park made on top of an old railway system.

We took that all the way over to Little island. When we got to little Island it started pouring rain! So we didn’t get many pics or anything there, we hurried and made our way to Chelsea Market

At Chelsea Market we decided it was time for lunch. We ate at Los Taco’s No. 1, which came highly recommended and I will say we were all in agreeance those tacos were some of the best we have ever eaten! Well mine was a quesadilla which basically was a taco with cheese! SOO yummy! and a little interesting fact, we were told we should carry our vaccine cards with us everywhere we went because New York will start asking for that before going into any restaurant or business. Well we were asked to show it at other places but when we arrived they barely even glanced at it or actually look at it at all!, but at Los Taco’s they were the only ones the whole trip that looked at them and made sure you were vaccinated before letting you eat there. I just thought that was super interesting.

After we ate and walked around the market a little bit then we headed over to a place called the Artechouse. Again never even heard of this place before, I don’t even know how to even explain this art place so I went ahead and copied and pasted how the website explains it. “Through the creative digital expression of the endless iterations and multiple dimensions of fractals, Geometric Properties explores fundamental mathematical patterns to stimulate existential self reflection and emphasize the pure wonderment of being. Embark upon a cinematic audio-visual journey where the sheer beauty of mathematics, nature and architecture coincide to inspire introspection and awe.”

It was pretty awe inspiring and It felt a little like I was on some sort of trip or maybe I should of been to understand it more? LOL It was pretty relaxing though, I wonder if I had this playing in my house at night If I could go to sleep better? Hummmm???

After the Artechouse we decided to call it a day and headed back to our hotel and Brent headed back to New Jersey. That was a really fun day and we are so grateful he was able to come out and show us clueless tourists around the city.

I have so much more to share, I think I will have to post more over the next couple of days.

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