Africa Trip (part 3)

Now that Doug had all of his animals we could relax a little bit. We only had two days left of our trip and one of them was reserved for going into town to get our Covid tests. The women all were offered a free Hour Massage while we were there, Shannon and I hadn’t gotten ours yet so we got dropped off at a Spa in town after our tests, We had the best day! Some of the others already got their free massage earlier in the week but decided to pay for another and we all added on Pedicures. The massage was awesome, but the Pedicure was even better! I don’t think I’ve ever had a better one, it was so relaxing! While we were sitting there I had this great idea, I knew that this spa was connected to a hotel, So I asked them if they had a restaurant, they said yes they did in fact we could order from the menu and they would deliver to us while we were getting our feet done! WHAT?!? I was soo happy, they had Pizza!! I had been eating nothing but chips and candy most of the trip with a few bites of random meat and salads. I was craving real food so bad.

The two cute ladies who were doing our pedicures were both pregnant, I felt so bad that they had to do our feet, one of them was due in like a week! I decided to order them a pizza too, they seemed to be happy about that, and I felt less rude eating in front of them too.

Another awesome thing that we got to do was go to an elementary School. Shannon teaches 1st grade and was super excited to see the classroom and the kids in Africa. She brought a whole suitcase full of school supplies to donate to the school. I was lucky enough to be able to go with them and help pass out the supplies, that was very cool, it was so fun to see how happy the kids were to get whatever you had to offer them. Riding through their town, you realize just how fortunate and spoiled we are, we take all that we have for grated.

I loved how friendly and welcoming everyone in town was. I really wished I had brought my wallet with me, I would of loved to donate money to some of the cute people we met on our way out.

Another awesome thing we got to do was see the lion cubs and actually go into the cage with them, I was super afraid of them, lol they were soo cute just too many rules that were a little unsettling like, just make sure you don’t turn your back on them, or fall down or you will become prey! What?!? Ya things like that freak me out.

All the lions were in cages just outside of our rooms. Every night you would hear them roar all night long! It is crazy how loud and deep those lions get, a few nights I could of sworn they were right outside our room, it was a little freaky, but I did sleep really good there, so maybe I need a lion roaring sleep playlist! LOL

What an awesome experience! I will remember this trip forever!! I am not a huge outdoorsy person, or a hunter, or a person who likes to wake up at the crack of dawn, or eat weird foods, Or go to skinning sheds LOL but I wouldn’t trade the memories I have for anything. I love to see and learn about different cultures and make new friends. Our Tracker was John and our PH was Joe, they treated us so well, and really took care of us. I really enjoyed talking to Joe and learning about him and his traditions and how some things are the same Like his struggle with dating 🙂 I told him he needs to come to Utah we can hook him up! LOL

right before we left, Doug and I decided we would leave some of our clothes to the cute girls who had been cleaning our rooms all week and the trackers who worked their butts off. Shannon had brought some clothes to give them too. When we gave them the clothes they were so happy, they were bowing to our feet, I wish I could of given more! If I had known I would of brought a whole suitcase! We took pictures with them after, they really are the sweetest people.

like always I took a lot of pictures, here is a photo dump of some random pics.

That’s it for now, Till our next adventure…

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