Africa Trip ( Part 2)

Doug got his Crocodile! It was crazy how it was still moving even after being shot multiple times. Also it was a little freaky standing there knowing there were other crocodiles in the water, we could see them, the whole thing was so scary but cool to me at the same time. Crocodiles are pretty cool, the tops of them are so hard, but the belly is super soft, apparently that is the part that you can make handbags and belts out of, yep I now want to make a handbag out of it. And Yep I took a picture of me riding it, If you know me at all, I just had to. NO disrespect to the animal, I just do that sort of thing, I like to take pics of me riding different things, if I had the time to dig up all the strange things I have pictures of me riding you would understand.

I KNOW some of you will not like seeing these videos and pictures, if you are one of those people just move along, I know some people don’t get the whole hunting thing, that’s ok, I didn’t really either until I learned more about it, I also know that even if I explain it, the same people will still be mad so I am not going to bother with trying to justify it, Just know none of these animals went to waste, they are donated to the local Natives for food, and some was even served to us, Yup, every night in fact, it might explain why I lost a couple pounds this trip. LOL! I had a really hard time eating after seeing them at the skinning shed, which we visited every night before dinner!! UGH Talk about a diet plan! But I still eat meat and it’s all good, I believe animals are put on this earth for a purpose and one of them is being a protein source for us.

Now all Doug had to get was his Zebra! I was beginning to think that Zebras were a myth, I hadn’t seen one and that is all I really wanted to see, I think they are the coolest animals ever! They are so different than all the other animals, those stripes are unique and every single one of them is different and have different patterns. At this point I didn’t even care if Doug shot one, I just wanted to see one!

Doug started to get super frustrated, he finally talked with Werner ( the main guy) and he told him he would take us out the next day. We got a late start that day after being up at 4:30 so we were getting more and more frustrated by the minute, but finally he came to take us out. At first we were just driving around at what seemed way to fast to even hunt anything, so we weren’t too hopeful for getting a Zebra that day either. We were sitting in the back not really knowing what was going on, but all of a sudden he really started booking it, we were like whatever this day is a bust too, well we went to another part of the property and came upon Tony and Shelby at their blind, we just thought we ran into them by accident, but what Werner didn’t tell us was that Shelby had shot a zebra with her bow and it took off so we needed to help her find it. That is when things started to get fun. Watching the tracker track the blood trail was super impressive, they were able to find him pretty quick, they needed Doug’s gun to shoot the zebra, so Doug handed Shelby the gun and she was able to shoot it, but after that, they see a group of zebras and they tell Doug to grab the gun and shoot one of them. He had like 3 seconds to do this, and he did a perfect shot! It all happened so fast, I was super impressed!

I am not going to lie, I almost cried when I actually saw this zebra and felt so sad that he actually had killed it, it was so beautiful! I mean just look at that face! It’s amazing to me! What a beautiful animal! I will be a proud owner of a Zebra rug that Doug shot, that’s pretty cool, even though it’s kind of sad too.

After we got all the pics taken and stuff they took us back to the blind and let Doug and I spend the rest of the afternoon with Shelby and Tony. That was kind of fun, but again we had to be so quiet, I don’t know how they did this day after day? Except I did have the best reception I had the whole time in that blind so that was fun! Doug was so tired he was even able to take a little nap lying on a dirty floor straight on his back!!

I have so much more to talk about I think I will have to do a Part 3! That’s it for today.

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