Texas Trip

I was getting kind of used to all the traveling I was doing and i was looking forward to a few trips we had planned for this year and then all of that got cancelled on us because of the whole Covid thing and then with my mom’s passing things have just felt out of sorts and all kinds of out of whack this year!

When my little Sister Ashley was in town for the funeral she told us the date of Skeeter’s baptism, if you remember two years ago Doug and I went to Texas for Lexi’s Baptism and while we were there we promised Skeeter we would be back for hers. I wasn’t sure we could keep our promise with all that has been going on but we did have airline credits from cancelled trips so we figured we would give it a go. My dad decided to go too, then my sister Nancy and her husband Peter and two of their boys decided to join in! Can you tell we all needed to get away?!?

Flying was so different, the airport wasn’t very crowded at all, but the fact that you have to wear a mask the whole time made it feel strange. But there were a few things that have changed that I actually enjoyed. They loaded the plane from back to front… Finally!!! I have always thought that was the way it should be. It just makes sense. Then the empty middle seats thing, makes for a very enjoyable flight, even though Doug and I sat next to each other, the plane was just so quiet and not full! I could totally get used to that part! another part I quite enjoyed was there was not full service on the plane either. I know some of you are thinking why is that a good thing? Well I’m not picky and i hate it when the cart is coming around and taking orders and interrupting my movie and if your in the aisle seat you feel like they are there for ever! Well they just came by, gave us each a bag with a bottle of water, crackers and a cookie and a little thing of hand sanitizer. I loved that, I know not everyone would love that, but I also hate giving my order at places like Cafe Rio, so for me this was ideal… and water is my drink of choice anyways. lol

We arrived in Texas safely and we were ready to party! My sister has a big farm house and was able to put us all up, her kids were troopers being kicked out of their rooms and slept in their TV room all week!

We had a great week. we went to a nearby Lake, ate LOTS of good food, shopped at Buc-ee’s gas station…if you haven’t been your missing out, it’s huge! saw millions of bats fly out from under the freeway overpass ( I have never seen anything like it) went bowling, played Rummikub, Doug and the boys all went shooting, had airsoft gun wars, and motorbike riding. Oh and I got to try a new food I had never even heard before…. A Kalachi…who knew?! apparently a lot of people have, and they have a really good Kolachi joint near Ashley’s house and I now know that they are delicious! If you are like me and have no clue what a Kolachi is it a is a type of pastry that holds a portion of fruit surrounded by puffy dough. But in Texas they also make a Texas Version with a sausage or other breakfast type foods in them, They were delicious! And we also did a lot of chilling and just relaxing.

But the main reason we went was for Skeeter’s baptism. Ashley and Drew have a few ponds on their property and they decided to baptise her in one of their ponds. It was a beautiful day, and a perfect setting, these pictures don’t even do it justice of how awesome it was.

They asked Doug if he would give a little talk about the Holy Ghost after, he did an amazing job, he just sat right down with all the kids and just talked to them, he is so good at that type of stuff… can i tell you that opposites definitely attract! LOL

What a fun week we had. I will say it was kind of hard at times, it was our first trip without mom, and there were a few times I could tell we all missed her. But I have a feeling it won’t be the last time, this first year will be rough, especially with the holidays around the corner. But I am thankful for my family that is here near by and for the ones far away, especially the ones in Texas that lets us come and totally mess up their everyday lives and take such good care of us! We promised Cici we would be back for her baptism in 20 months, so looks like this won’t be our last trip to Texas and for that I am glad!

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