Cabin Life

I am really starting to get used to our yearly trip to Mt. Pleasant our good friends Tony and Shannon invite us to every year. I say Cabin life, but it’s actually a life I would never know in real life, my version of “cabin life” in real life would be a little shack somewhere, this thing is a mansion surrounded by some of the most beautiful land there is.

The timing on this trip came at a perfect time too. Doug and I decided to finally tackle some of the house projects that we have put off for many, many years and our house is a total construction zone! What started as a remodel of our bathroom has snowballed into a HUGE project and we are living in it while it’s all being done, which has proven harder than I thought it would be, so a little get away from all of that for a few days was a blessing. ( I’ll post all about it when it’s all done, which i’m hoping wont be more than another month, fingers crossed!!)

We had a great time, mostly just chilling. seriously it was so nice. We rode the side by side, ate yummy food, talked and talked( one day we literally sat on the front porch and talked for hours and hours), watched tv, read books (well, Doug did) and did I mention eat?, well if i did it deserves to be mentioned again because Ya we did a lot of that, Tony is such a great host he made sure we were fed and fed good. We feel really lucky to have such good friends who will share these experiences with us.

Like I always say, if I can’t be at the beach, up in the mountains in this beautiful place is a close second! Good friends, food and fun, it doesn’t get much better than this.

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