Stitch Fix #16

Ever since my mom passed away I have had a hard time getting back into my blogging. Add Covid to the mix and I really just couldn’t get motivated to write. It’s been almost three months and I figured I need to start back up, but wasn’t even sure how to do it! Last week I actually had a couple people message me and ask me about it, and my brother in law also started to tell me I needed to get back at it. I actually didn’t think anyone would even notice or care if I ever wrote again, so it actually made me feel good. I got my 17th Stitch Fix box almost three weeks ago, I figured I should start with that since I have blogged about all 16 fixes before that!

For this box I mentioned to my stylist that I was a little heavier right now and wanted something fun and flattering to try to get me out of the funk i was in. I also asked for a black pair of jeans. I also haven’t pinned anything on my Pinterest board for her so I had no clue what she could possibly send me.

I noticed right away there were no black jeans… boo. Oh well. First thing i noticed was this

Papermoon Conway Faux Wrap Blouse. I noticed this because it is a camisole and i always ask for things with sleeves and this of course did not have sleeves and i was a little bugged by it. But i decided to give it a chance. I added a tshirt under. it was actually kind of cute and i figured i would be able to wear it under cardigans and things in the fall/winter.

Next up is the West Kei Allan Surplice Rolltab High low blouse. I love the color orange and this looked like a fun top, so i was excited about this one.

The next top looked so cute when i pulled it out but i was worried about the tie front, most of the time i am drawn to tie front blouses but they never seem to work on me, so i was a little leary on this one. But those sleeves are too cute! I was crossing my fingers this would work.

BRINA & EM Comelia Tie Front Top.

Next up was the Mix By 41 Hawthorn Carter Long Sleeve Side Button Detail Cardigan. wow these are blurry, i am a little rusty in the selfie game, shoot i was never good in the first place so ya, these pics are bad.

Finally is the Vigoss Elaine Girlfriend Distressed Jeans. I always love me a good pair of jeans. I pretty much wear jeans everyday so adding a fresh pair to the mix is always welcomed.

Overall I was very pleased with this fix. did i get my black jeans? Nope, but that’s ok she said she would keep an eye out for a pair in my next fix and i’m ok with that. I ended up keeping everything, maybe not giving specifics is better than asking for certain things? LOL

If you are ready to give Stitch Fix a try here’s a link to get $25 off your first fix! thats like trying it out for free!! There is a $20 style fee, but if you keep anything you get that $20 off of the item you keep and if you decide to keep everything you get 25% off everything!! I obviously love these fixes, they have really helped me try things I wouldn’t normally try and have made getting dressed each day a little easier.

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