Stitch Fix #14

This Stitch Fix I wasn’t sure what to ask for, I knew I was going to San Diego for a week and that the weather would be in the 60’s and 70’s and I always have the hardest time dressing for that temperature, you see hot and cold are easy for me but in between is so hard you can be cold one minute and hot the next! So I asked my stylist to pick out some fun things to take with me to San Diego.

I have had the same stylist Hannah the entire time I have been using Stitch Fix! Her note this time made me feel like she really knew me, she took the time to make this feel like it was truly hand picked for me, which is one of the really fun parts about Stitch Fix.


At first Glance it all looked pretty basic, but to be honest I do love me some good basics so I was pretty excited about that fact right away.

Let’s start with the Daniel Rainn Jaymes Tassel Detail Knit top. It is a beautiful deep burgundy color. The material is super soft and kind of flowy, right up my alley.

Next is the Market & Spruce Hans Crochet Front Top. If you know me you know I love me a white shirt, it is part of my “uniform”  give me a white shirt and a pair of jeans and I am good. This shirt was different though, it has a crochet front which is super cute, the only bummer is the back is plain, i have mentioned this before to my stylist that I am not a huge fan of that, I like my shirts to be party all the way around! But this shirt was so cute, I guess I could make an exception.

Next are the DV8 Lala Peep Toe Wedges. I love that these wedges aren’t as tall as all my other wedges, and the fact that they are snakeskin is a big bonus, give me all things animal print! LOL

Next Is the Democracy Galindo Cuffed Bermuda Shorts. I was kind of surprised to get a pair of shorts in February, but hopefully it will be warm enough to wear in San Diego.  These are super long, I did end up rolling them up a few times. I usually don’t buy dark denim shorts because I feel like they make me look really white and fat, but I will give these a whirl.

I really like the way these feel, they have an elastic waistband inside that pulls the waist in so there is no gap in the back which I always struggle with! These have “AB” Solution featuring Slimming Panels to”Mold & Hold” and boost your Assets!  Ummm who doesn’t want that? They call it “Curve Equality Engineered to lift, expand, an enhance because all shapes are not created equal” Yes you know I am already thinking I need to find these in a pants version!  Not sure about the curved detail above the pockets. But the rest has sold me!

The final piece is the JUST USA Loula Denim Jacket. I own a few denim jackets already but this one is a little darker and I like that it has the inside pockets. It reminds me of a denim jacket I had back in the day.

Kind of happy to add a new denim jacket to the mix, because I have had my others for YEARS, these things never go out of style and It’s always fun to add a new one to the mix!

There you have it, another successful fix! Thanks Hannah!

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If you are unfamiliar with how this works, you pay a $20 styling fee, which is deducted from any item you decide to keep, and if you keep all 5 pieces you get an additional 25% off your entire fix! So $25 off your first box lets you try this completely free!


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