Eyebrow Lamination

My eyebrows suck, they are sparse, they have a couple holes in them where I have scars from when I was a kid( I got hit in the face with a hoe, not to be confused with being hit in the face by a ho. LOL I couldn’t resist!)   Not only that my eyebrow hairs over the last couple years have gotten a few rouge ones that are super wiry and curly! The hairs grow in a downward pattern and last but not least my eyebrow hairs are not as dark as the hair on my head, they never have been, I have been dying them for years but recently I have noticed them getting lighter and lighter, which I can only assume means they are getting grey! What the?!?! That’s a lot of stuff to deal with on the daily to try to make these two weird things that sit above my eyes look somewhat normal.

Now if you follow the trends you know that Eyebrows are the thing, and now thick “fluffy” eyebrows are all the rage.  Enter a new thing called Eyebrow Lamination. Sounds super scary doesn’t it?  Breecia told me she did her brows the other day and I was curious as to what it all entailed, when she started to tell me I thought wait a minute, I have been wanting to do this to my eyebrows for a while now, but I actually thought I made it up in my head. You see back when I tried out the whole eyelash lift which is basically perming your eyelashes, I was laying there literally thinking this would be so awesome if I could do that to my eyebrows and straighten them. No joke! I came close to buying the lash lift kit and trying it out on my brows but I chickened out. Well she said that’s basically what they do! WHAT?!?  So I look up Eyebrow Lamination and watched a whole bunch of Youtube videos and they literally are using the eyelash lift kits to do this! I was super excited, jumped on Amazon and with the beauty of Prime I was perming my eyebrow hairs the very next day!!


So here are my brows before.



Notice those hairs going down, no I didnt brush them down that way, that’s the way they like to go all on their own, lucky me!

First step is to clean the eyebrows, then using the glue, brush eyebrow hairs straight up and into the position you want to perm them in.


One side done, oh my what in the world am I even doing? lol  Can you see the scar in the middle of that eyebrow?


Both eyebrows glued straight up. apparently just because they are permed up doesn’t mean they will stay up like that, it’s just a good way to make sure you straighten all the hairs… Let’s hope so I look CRAZY!

Next add perm solution. This stuff stinks, but if you’ve ever had a perm before that’s exactly what it smells like. cover with plastic wrap and wait 10 minutes.


Next you are supposed to put the fixative on. I wasn’t sure if i should wipe the perm solution off first? the box just says to add it next, in the videos I saw some wipe it off first and some didn’t I was so confused but I decided to do what my box told me which was just to add it on top and cover again with plastic wrap and wait another 10 minutes.


I sure hope my eyebrows don’t fry off. I am noticing that my color is coming off and turning a nice orange shade, and my eyebrows are tingling a little, almost stinging… oh my gosh sure hope i dont fry my eyebrows off!!  YIKES!!

The next steps are to hydrate and then cleanse, but I decided to tint my brows since they were turning an ugly orange color, so i cleansed, and then tinted then added the hydrating stuff.  I sure hope I didn’t royally mess up the whole process.

Another 8 minutes and Now is the final test… Do I still own eyebrows? Are they crazy wild?


Hey they don’t look all that bad! I am not supposed to get them wet for 24 hours and they are sort of stuck to my face looking right now but they should mellow out a bit in a few days. I don’t have any makeup on except a little bit of mascara so I look a bit scary.

After a few days I noticed a few of the really fine baby hairs that were under my regular eyebrow hairs may of got burnt off I could feel little blunt hairs under each eyebrow. Wow I think I am totally lucky that the rest of my eyebrows didn’t fry off!

Would I do this again? Totally, Would I do things differently next time… Totally!

Things I will do differently next time, I think I will not even use the glue, I will just brush on the solution in the direction of  how I would like my brows to go. I don’t think i will keep it on as long and I will take off the solution before putting the fixative on.  Or Maybe I will just let Breecia do it for me next time? Ya…. that’s probably more like it! LOL  But the take away from all of this is, I would totally do it again! Made my mess of eyebrows not so messy and that my friends was totally worth it to me!




2 thoughts on “Eyebrow Lamination

  1. You crack me up!! I BET you got hit by a ho!! Haha! Good info! Can’t wait to hear about the second time you try it and it if worked better than the first. You are one daring woman!! Miss you!!


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