Brigitte’s Favorite Things Box February


I always try to share this Favorite things box after it has been shipped out for a while so I dont spoil the surprise for anyone who also has a subscription to it, but then I always forget to post about it until it’s almost time for the next one to come! I swear the months are flying by!


What is it about animal prints that get me all happy inside when I see it? You guys I have loved animal prints forever not just now that it is super hot, i liked it when it wasn’t hot and maybe a little old ladyish, but I am loving all things animal print and embracing that it is in style right now, hope it lasts for a long time because my closet is full of this stuff! So ya the first thing I noticed was the fun Bangle Wristlet wallet. Soo Cute!

Next Is the Yubi Loop. I have so many things on the back of my phone case right now, pop socket and a magnet, I think I will hold onto this one and put in on when I have worn out my pop socket… I tend to play with them more than the average person, so it won’t be long, but I am excited to try this loop. And I love that the money that they make from selling these goes towards funding a school in Haiti for children! Oh and it says Live Slow on it, ummm… you don’t have to tell me twice! LOL

Heart Bracelet. This is a fun and simple little bracelet that you are supposed to put on and make a wish and then wear it until the thread wears out and breaks. Legend says the wish will then come true. Ya I havent put mine on yet because I got to think of the perfect wish first!

Flower Soaps. To be honest I don’t know how you would ever use these soaps? But are they cute? Yes! Definitely something I would never buy myself, but it was fun to have in the bathroom around Valentines Day. I guess I need to open these to see how they work, because they look like fake flowers not soap?


Lace Socks… Ok these made me chuckle a bit. First off, I am old, so things like this I have been there done that already once in my life, Can you say 80’s? And can you say I love The 80’s? Well I can, but even so, I am not sure this old lady can pull off lace socks anymore, but I think they are cute and I had to try them on for kicks. Ya I love them, but I am afraid I am not cool enough to pull these off, I think I will be gifting these.

Luxury Bath Bomb. Yep I love these things. I love that just by seeing it, it reminds me i need to take some time out to relax and enjoy… I have two now so that means I better get on it!

$10 gift Card to The Brigitte Brianna Collection. I need to hurry and use this before it expires. I love trying her stuff, she has some great things, So $10 off is a huge bonus! Hard part is deciding what to get!? Another fun box!



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