2nd Annual Cali Girls, Girls Trip

If you remember last year I posted about us old Cali girls getting together and going to San Diego for a little girls trip. We had so much fun last year we swore we would do it again same time next year, and as luck would have it we somehow managed to keep the new tradition alive and we just had our 2nd annual Cali Girls, girls trip! I call it that because us three all grew up in California together, we knew each other when we were literally just little girls. Years had gone by before we finally all reunited again but one thing is for certain we all just picked up right from where we left off and there is just something about being with someone who knows you from when you were a kid growing up, those years literally are the foundation to what we are now, and being with people who were with you from the beginning is something pretty special.

We stayed at Tami’s beach house again in Mission Beach. If you remember last year we had terrible rainy weather, so we really were hoping for some good sunshine and guess what, we were blessed with amazing weather all week! Like seriously the week before we got there was not great and the day we left was cold and yucky, but the week we were there, it was PERFECT! We really lucked out! We feel like we deserved it after last year. The weather gods were definitely smiling down on us!

Becky lives in Pennsylvania so she flew to Utah to visit with her mom for a few hours before we headed down to Fillmore to where Tami lives to spend the night before we had to wake up early and make the road trip to San Diego.

The drive down is part of the fun, reconnecting and catching up on each others lives.


It’s so crazy to think we woke up in snow and ended up at the beach and catching this amazing sunset! I can not get enough of beaches and sunsets, they just make my heart happy!

We spent a lot of time just relaxing ,talking and eating. Tami has a rooftop that has the most amazing views of the bay and it’s extra warm up there also so we would just spend hours up there chilling and solving all of life’s problems. I wish this was something I could do on a daily basis, I really think it is some good therapy.

Retail therapy is real too. We got to do a little shopping and shopping at little beach shops is so much funner than shopping at home anyday! We visited Coronado and did some shopping and ended up at the beach for a few hours and we made sure we stayed for the sunset.

we also shopped one day at SeaPort Village and ate dinner in Old Towne.

beach therapy, retail therapy and some really good food is the makings for an awesome week away with a few of my favorite people. I feel so lucky to have such good friends and to be able to spend such quality time with them.

Oh ya let’s not forget Thrifty’s ice cream, and matching shirts as well as beaches and sunsets and lots and lots of laughter. All these make for the perfect week!

The only thing that would have made this trip better is if I didn’t end up with the Coronavirus…LOL I seriously got the worst cough on this trip, we joked that I got the Coronavirus I sure hope not but even with coughing up a lung the whole time, I wouldn’t trade it for anything! Love these friends of mine, sure hope you all have people in your lives that lift you up and make life better like I do.


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