Valentines Day

Ya it’s been a while since I’ve changed my message board and since it’s halfway through February I figured I better change it and being that it’s Valentine’s Day today what better than a little Love quote?


I think it’s funny how there are two types of people in this world, ones that love Valentines Day and the other who absolutely despises Valentines Day! LOL and the second group have some serious strong feelings against it! I can’t for the life of me figure out why? I would understand not liking it if you were single, or have just gone through a bad break up or something, but I am talking I have friends who are happily married and in love I might add and have some serious adverse reaction to the celebrating of Valentines Day! They will say things like I don’t want to be forced to tell my significant other i love them, or it’s such a commercialized holiday I refuse to celebrate it. Well that one gets me really scratching my head…like seriously aren’t all holidays extremely Commercialized?

I guess I don’t understand why the strong reaction to such a simple thing. I can remember back in college when I was single and Valentine’s Day was approaching all my girlfriends would start to get all weird, like oh no I probably won’t get anything for Valentines Day this year and would start to get all sad. Me, I would order myself some flowers and send myself a cookie gram or whatever it was they would sell at school, just to be funny, and to make those girls feel even more sad… LOL I am just kidding, I would just do that because I felt like I didn’t need someone else to make me happy, getting those things even just from myself put a smile on my face. I thought it was funny and in a way my way of dealing with the pressure to feel special on this one specific day.

Why do we need a day to remember to tell or show our love ones we love them? We don’t, I mean I try to tell and show my family everytime I see them! But  in my book, when you love someone You can never tell them or show them enough!! So maybe this year instead of hating on Valentines Day, just remember nobody is making you do anything, you can take the day and use it as a day to show your love ones how much you care, and no you don’t have to go out and buy diamonds or chocolates and overpriced flowers, seriously a nice hand written note, or a batch of their favorite cookies is enough. And if you find yourself single do something for yourself, remind yourself you are worth it, even if you don’t have someone on this one day of the year, you have you, remind yourself you are special regardless, take a bubble bath, make yourself that batch of your favorite cookies, buy yourself a little something, whatever it is that will make you feel good about yourself because let’s be honest, if you don’t show yourself love how are we ever supposed to show anyone else?

“Love Doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile. ” Seriously I am lucky that I have Doug around to go through this Ride of Life with me. There is no one I would rather do that with and I feel very fortunate to have him,  But…Did I buy him a Valentine’s Day gift? Ummm… No, No I didn’t Sometimes we celebrate it and sometimes we don’t. Does he know I love him? I sure hope so! And I sure hope he didn’t get me anything either, that man shows me everyday, but if he does… Bonus! LOL I guess I find myself somewhere in the middle when it comes to Valentine’s Day, someone who doesn’t love it but doesn’t hate it either, I say everyday should be Valentine’s Day! Show yourself Love and those around you everyday that should be the goal, a little holiday once a year to remind us of that, I am ok with.

Ok now I got to go, I am suddenly feeling the need to bake some cookies. LOL Happy Valentines Day! XO



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