Loving Tan Deluxe Bronzing Mousse

So With the new me comes a new way of doing things, and I am going to say it has not been easy. Usually when I have a tropical destination vacation come up I will spend the weeks before hitting the tanning salon hard, Every year I know I shouldn’t but the thought of going to a beach and being all pasty white freaks me right out! I also like to avoid getting burnt the first day or two, so a nice base just always makes me feel better about the whole situation all together!

Well this year I decided I wasn’t going to play that game anymore. I mean Doug has had his share of skin Cancer and I have had enough things cut off of me to know It’s just not good. But what will I do about my dreaded white skin? I have tried self tanners before, spray tans, gradual tanning lotions and they all just look so fake to me, and makes me feel gross and stinky while it is on. I really hate them!

I’ve been following Loving Tan for a while now, in fact I bought this stuff back in the summer, I was going to use it for Haden’s wedding, but i chickened out, who wants to look like a pumpkin on their sons wedding day? Not me, so I showed up white and life went on.


But I have this bottle of tanning mousse and I was going to Mexico and I really don’t want to be the whitest one on the beach, so I decided to give this fake tanning thing one last try. I’ve been watching the loving tan posts and the girls on there all look fantastic and not a shade of orange to be seen, so i figured I would give it a try.

First I showered and shaved and exfoliated with the coffee ground scrub that I got in my winter fabfitfun box. I don’t know why i haven’t used it before now, it felt fantastic and smelled delicious, I don’t drink coffee but I do like the smell of it and man does this stuff smell good and my skin felt so smooth after! I washed my face and did a good scrub and moisturized it really good. Next I lubed up my hands, feet, elbows and knees with lotion.  Now it was time for the application, I figured if i was going to do this I was going to do it right so i ordered a tanning mitt and a thingy that helps you apply it to your back off of Amazon so I all was ready to do this thing.


But first here’s a pic of my legs before… the lighting in my bathroom wasn’t good at all so you really can’t see how white I am. But you can see my wrinkly knees and all the damage the sun has done to me… dang you sun, I love you so much and this is what you do to me???



Now I apply… wait this isn’t that hard or messy like it has been in the past, i guess a tanning glove is worth it. The mousse has a tint so you can see where it’s going and already i am feeling better about my skin color situation. Now I will put on some loose clothes and wait for the 6 hours it takes to fully develop. I would usually do this at night before bed, but I decided to do this in the day, because we are leaving he next day and wanted time to do whatever is necessary to remove this tan just incase i look like an Oompa Loompa.

Here’s my immediate after pic…


kind of hard to tell a difference, so i did a side by side…


Now if I was really crazy I could do another coat, but I think I am good with just taking the edge off and hopefully in the next few days I will get some natural color… yep I will be wearing my 50 sunscreen, but I swear I still get tan while wearing it.

I was really impressed with the color that developed and the fact that i didn’t have weird streaks or crazy looking feet or hands. I don’t really have pictures of it after I showered, but It really was a nice light natural tan. I was able to show my nasty winter body without totally feeling like a freak! Would totally recommend this stuff!


Here’s a pic of my legs in Mexico, You can’t tell that I’m actually casper the friendly ghost white here can you? Thank you Loving Tan!

The only negative thing I would say about using this is I swear it only lasted about 3 days. I did go into the swimming pool which I swear takes off self tanner faster than anything! So I should of brought more to reapply because I did come home whiter than I started on this trip! LOL my SPF 50 really did it’s job! I am proud of myself though, I’m ok with not being super tan after which Is usually some sort  trophy or a sign of a successful trip for me,  but instead I focused more about the experiences I had. Maybe I am growing up a little?


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