Brigitte’s favorite things January Box

Man a monthly subscription really reminds me how fast time flies! I wasn’t even expecting this when it came so it was truly a fun surprise. And Now here it is February and I still haven’t posted about January’s box!

Right off the bat I noticed the PopCorners! You guys you have no idea how obsessed i was with these. One time I flew with Jet Blue about 5 years or so ago and they had these as one of the snack options, I fell in love with them and made it my mission to find them because at the time they were nowhere to be found in Utah. Well now they sell them here and I have totally forgotten all about them, I am so happy she put these in the box, i will be buying these again, I don’t know why i ever stopped…so sorry Popcorners. Oh and I may have opened them up and eaten them right then and there!


Next I i eyed the facial cleansing brush. At first i thought it was a battery operated thing and i was a little disappointed, I have owned many different face brushes and gadgets and end up breaking them all! Even the expensive ones, I am not sure why I am so hard on those things? Anyways I opened it up and noticed it is just a hand held face brush, I am actually digging that it is an manual one.

Oh and I almost forgot it came with a cute little terry cloth face headband to keep your hair off your face.


Next I noticed the silky feet gel spa socks. My feet are the absolute worst, they are so dry and cracky I would say they are worse in the winter, but I would say they are the worst all year round so anything that will help with that I am all on board!

I slipped these on thinking I could clean the house while wearing them… well no such luck, they are so squishy and gel like there was no way i would feel comfortable walking around in these so I just sat down for 20 minutes and let them do it’s thing. Not sure if they helped or not, but it felt good.


Next is the foot mask. I love foot masks! I am not sure if this one causes your feet to peel like some of the ones I have tried, but i am hoping it does because those are my favorite. I haven’t tried it yet because i knew my feet where going to be in sandals and i didnt want them all peeling and gross looking.

Next I noticed the blender bottle. To be honest I wasn’t too excited about this one because we have more than our share of these in our house and I don’t really need another, but it will be a nice gift for someone I am sure.


And finally another bath bomb. I am totally digging these I love them! Hope they continue to be in all the boxes!


As always there was also a code for $10 off of anything on her website. Ya I am totally loving these boxes!


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