My Baby turns 21!

Today is Tyler’s Birthday… BIG 21!! Huge Photo dump ahead. He seriously was the cutest little guy!

Today our little baby is turning 21 years old and I am slightly freaked out by this!  how did this happen? Tyler has been my little side kick since day one and I would say he still kind of is… when he is around. We are lucky enough to still have him  living at home with us but even so with his busy work and school schedule I still feel like I don’t get to see him as much anymore. Without him still living with us I think this whole empty nester thing would be so much harder than it already is. Tyler is such a good kid, he is funny, smart, always smiling and a hard little worker and the guy who I always go to when I am technically challenged, he will always drop everything and help me out with things I probably should know how to do, but he just smiles and helps me out anyway.  I love this guy and I will always think of him as my little boy. He is so excited to officially be an adult, and I’m over here saying NOOOO this can’t be!

Happy Birthday Buddy, I know you will become something great, because you already are great! We love you more than you know! Happy Birthday My Adult baby boy! Yep you will always be my baby! xoxo


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