Playa Del Carmen ( Day 5)

Today the only thing on the agenda was to lay out and chill all day long!! We did manage to sleep in a little bit which was nice after such a busy day yesterday. Once we were up we made our way to the beach and just layed out. Being on the beach with the sound of the ocean is probably my favorite place to be ever! I can never get enough, I don’t know if it’s because i was born and raised in California but being by the Ocean just feels like home.


While we were laying out I caught wind that another foam party was going to happen today so I was super excited to have Doug get to experience the foam party with me! It was a blast! all of us couples went in except for Tony and Shannon I think. I wasn’t sure if Doug would get into like I did but he totally had fun with me in there which totally made my day!

yep these are pictures of pictures they took of us… but we did buy one of us because I needed proof that Doug foam partied with me! LOLimg_3219

After the foam party we went in to shower because we made a couples massage appointments for 5 pm. The Spa staff was out on the beach offering “free” 5 minute massages, I wasn’t going to let them do it, but I gave in and of course after I was setting up couples massages for Doug and I.


Doug and I have never had a massage before so this was a first for the both of us. I was excited and a little nervous about it, just because I didn’t know what to expect.  Well we both loved it!! We even added on facials, wow we have been missing out!

Shannon and Tony booked massages too, so after we all got done and cleaned up we went to the Mexican place for dinner. It was really good! I am not even sure what I ordered I think it was a sample plate or something but I was very happy with my choice. and that little hot dog looking thing on a stick? Oh my that was delicious, who knew?!?

img_3180and this time they had ice cream with our yummy churro dessert. Yep ice cream always takes things to the next level with me. So so good!!



After dinner we went to the nightly entertainment. They had another live band which was actually pretty good, but I am not sure where everyone was that night but there was literally nobody watching, but we did have an extra entertaining time because there was two guys from Germany who were so drunk they kept us laughing the entire time.

I love music so sitting there chilling and listen to a live band is right up my alley.  Another great day, It seriously has been the best trip so far!


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