Playa Del Carmen ( Day 4)

Today we had a huge day, we booked an excursion with Helaman tours again, but this time we didn’t get Helaman we got his son in law and if you read my post about our excursion with him last year you will see why I was happy about that. We didn’t have to read scriptures the whole way down which I was very thankful for. LOL


We all woke up early and met for breakfast at the buffet before having to meet in the lobby at 7:30. We had an hour or so drive to Tulum which was our first stop. I loved the grounds of Tulum, it was so pretty there, Tulum is the ruins of an old Mayan town right on the cliffs above the most beautiful beach ever! I wished we could of spent a little more time here, but we had a full day planned and I did feel we were rushed a bit, but I understand why, I just wish we had more time here.


You may notice we all are wearing matching shirts. Tony called me a few days before our trip and thought it would be fun if we all had shirts to wear, he said he would pay if I would make them. So we decided to all wear them on our excursion day.

We learned about the sacred Mayan bees, these are stingless bees and live in little tubes or logs inside of trees. Who knew there were stingless bees? Apparently the honey is supposed to have antioxidizing properties and is more sour in taste, I was going to buy some but I didn’t see any to buy, but I also didn’t look very hard either. Maybe next time.


Our next stop was to the Cenote. I don’t remember the name of this particular Cenote, I do know it was way smaller and WAY less crowded than the one we went to last year. It was beautiful!! I was planning on going in it, until we found out on our last stop we would be visiting Coba where we are to ride bikes because the ruins are so far apart. Well if I had known we were riding bikes I wouldn’t have of worn a skirt with just my swimsuit underneath! I knew if I got wet and then rode a bike in my swimsuit i would be a raw mess downstairs…If you know what I mean, so I chose not to go in, which I am totally kicking myself for not going in now, because it looked so blue and refreshing. Oh well live and learn.

It’s been a LONG time since Ive seen Doug do a backflip into the water like this, yep he still got it baby!



I Love this picture of Doug  that Amie took, He tried to do a Gainer but didn’t quite make it…In fact the guys were telling him they would pay him to do a belly flop… I don’t think they ever paid up!! LOL  He was super close though and this picture is epic so totally worth it!

After the Cenote we headed to a little place where we had a yummy lunch; homemade Mexican food . I totally forgot to take pictures, I must of been super hungry because it was buffet style and I thought it was really tasty!

After lunch we headed to our last stop Coba. Coba is another site with Mayan ruins. Everything is so far apart that you can rent a bike to take the tour faster which is what our group planned to do and what I had been dreading all day because I wasn’t prepared for this at all and the fact that I haven’t ridden a bicycle in probably over 20 years! Well as luck would have you could also rent a BiciTaxi! Now a little backstory I love the movie Nacho Libre and that little trike/ bike cart thingy that he rode all the time is like my all time favorite thing and when we arrived at our resort all the workers around the grounds used these things and I told Doug, at some point on this trip I will ride one of those things… well I did sneak a picture by one, but wasn’t brave enough to jump on it and ride around,  because again I don’t want to be kicked out of the resort. LOL


So when Shannon and I found out there was an option of having a ride on one of these things we were so happy!! You know I was doing that!! We seriously had the biggest smiles on our faces the entire time! It doesn’t take much to make me happy, but the fact that I didn’t have to deal with a sore cooter and I got to have a ride on one of these things was a gift from above!


This place is really cool. I loved the fact that it has lots of trees and was kind of shaded. I also loved that you can still climb the large Pyramid. It is 138 feet tall. It may not look that tall but me being afraid of heights, ya I was a little freaked out, but I just had to climb it regardless. I am so glad I did it was beautiful up top!

After Coba we headed back to the resort. We had reservations at the Japanese restaurant at the teppanyaki grill this time. so we got cleaned up and met for dinner.


After dinner we went to the night show which I believe was the love and marriage show. It was pretty entertaining, but we were getting super tired so after the show we called it a night. Another great day, I was already sad that our trip was going by too fast!



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