Playa Del Carmen ( Day 6 & 7)

This was our last full day at the resort so Doug and I knew we had to make the most of our day. We ended back out by the beach of course. we layed out, ate, drank yummy drinks and just soaked it all up knowing we had to go home the next day.

The little vendor loved Doug’s hat and told him he would trade the hat for some jewelry so we spend a good portion of our time haggling with him and getting some fun pieces of jewelry for a hat that Doug really didn’t care that much about and being that it was our last day anyways we figured we scored! We got four bracelets, a ring and a pendant for one hat!img_3329-1

I was bummed because I lost a ring in the foam party the day before that I had bought earlier this week, so it kind of made up for that loss.

After our fun relaxing day we got cleaned up and had dinner at the Restaurant called Blue Moon. The other two couples had eaten there twice already, so we figured we better try it on our last night. Well dang it, it was by far the best food we had the entire trip! I was so bummed we only ate there once!

The pictures don’t really do it justice.  After dinner we headed to the beach for a fire dance show. I was pretty impressed, they did a great job. It was also fun that it was  right on the beach, it was a beautiful night.


After the show they had a beach dance party right there on the sand. Well If you know me at all you know that I love to dance, I may not be good at it but I love to just let loose and have a good time. Doug and I met at a dance club so dancing is one of our favorite things to do, we will mess around all the time at home and have a dance party in the kitchen, no we aren’t any good but it’s fun! The fact that it was on the beach, and the lights were dim and we all got out there and danced and just had a good time, It made for the perfect end to our trip, we danced like no one was watching and if you’ve ever done that you know how much fun that is! After the dance party we called it a night, we had some serious packing to do.

The next day we woke up early, we didn’t have to leave until 12:45 and check out wasn’t til 12 so we figured we would go out and get our last few hours of sunshine before we had to leave. Of course this day was supposed to be the hottest it had been all week. That’s just how it seems to always work for Doug and I.

Tony and Shannon came out and joined us for a bit, the rest of them don’t leave til the next day super early like at 4:45 in the morning early, While I was bummed to not have another full day I was actually glad we didn’t have to wake up that early and the fact that our flight was a direct flight and we were able to upgrade to business class… I think the sacrifice was well worth it!!

Here we are having our last Bahama Mama before heading back to the room to shower and check out.


After we checked out we ate lunch and then we were out of there. Wow what a great trip! I thoroughly enjoyed every single day!! Good friends, food and fun, what more could we ask for? I would do it again if I could! Now back to the cold and snow… BOOO!!


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