Playa Del Carmen ( Day3)

Today we looked at the weather forecast and it was supposed to rain so we decided it would be a good day to go into town and do a little shopping. We took a couple taxi’s into Downtown Playa Del Carmen to shop at the shops on 5th Avenue. It was exactly what I thought it would be like, lots and lots of shops with a lot of the same things and lots of vendors trying to get you into their stores by any and all means possible, even if it means lying to us. Yep we got duped a few times before we wised up to them. Doug and I are usually pretty good at spotting BS too, but they got us pretty good a few times. For example when we first got out of our taxi immediately a guy asked us where we were from, we said Utah, then he proceeded to tell us all about how he just got baptized in Colorado and how he is saving up his money so he can come to Salt Lake City. So of course we follow him to his shop. But we quickly realized that was just a scam to get us into his shop and the way he started treating us after we didn’t buy anything made me so mad I fell for it! A couple different times we had guys tell us they were our waiter at our resort, first time we bought it until Tony let us know that is a scam too! GRRRR…. I was starting to really not like this place. But our favorite one was this guy trying to sell us some face cream or something like that. He asked us where we were from and we said Utah and then he says his mom and sister are from there. We said really what part? This is where it gets good, his reply had us laughing so hard, he said in a little small jewish community outside of the city! LOL Doug just said to him next time say Mormon. Then he knew he was caught in a lie, he apologized and said but there are jews everywhere, and we said yep but not really in Utah, next time just say mormon… we all had a good laugh and he handed me his sample and put his head down in defeat. It was hilarious!


I usually like to shop these little shops but all this lying and stuff was kind of getting to me, not to mention all the million of times Doug got offered marijuana and coke! I was kind of over it… I did end up getting a really cute leather purse. But that was the only thing I bought that day, I was really missing my beach vendors right about now.

We decided to get some lunch while we were there. I don’t even remember what the place was called, I do remember having to wait for our food for what seemed like a FOREVER, but it was worth the wait as my tacos were delicious!


After lunch we shopped a little bit more but it was all looking the same at this point so we headed back to the resort. It ended up being a pretty nice day that day too, so I was a little bummed we didn’t just stay at the resort but it made for some good stories and i’m glad we experienced it.
We cleaned up and headed to dinner. We decided to check out the Japanese restaurant, we didn’t have reservations so we couldn’t eat at the hibachi grill, but they had a different menu for the other tables. It was actually pretty good… I even tried sushi! If you know me you know I don’t eat seafood, but they had a chicken sushi roll which was actually pretty good… if only they could of heated it up a bit 🙂


After dinner we got seats for the evening entertainment, I believe it was Karaoke night that night? I can’t remember for sure the nights are all blending into each other now. I do know that we spent the whole time trying to get the guys to sign up to sing, by the time they decided they would do it, it was too late, It’s a shame too because I think there was like one person who was good the whole night. But it was fun watching them anyway, I really enjoy Karaoke I could watch it all night, good or bad it’s just fun to me.  We headed to bed after the show. We had a big day ahead of us the next day, our excursion to the Pyramids and have to meet in the lobby bright and early at 7:30am.


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