Playa Del Carmen ( Day 1)

This past week we spent in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. This marked our third year in a row going on a fun trip in January with Tony and Shannon. It’s funny to think that on our first trip to San Diego we barely even knew them! This year we went with a few other couples who I didn’t really know at all, which is always a little concerning because what if we just don’t get along? I mean I think I am pretty easy going, and can get along with pretty much anyone, but there’s always that fear of what if they dont like me? Or don’t really get me? Well I am happy to report that I really enjoyed getting to know them all and I really hope the feeling was mutual! I am loving this stage of life, I have heard that the older you get the harder it is to make friends and I am finding it to be quite the opposite, I feel like the older I get the easier it is. Maybe that’s just me, but I feel like I am more accepting of people and all of our differences, I feel like that’s what makes life more interesting and fun!


Our trip started with a red eye flight to Atlanta with a 3 hour layover and then on to Cancun. we didn’t arrive till 11:30 the next morning. With the snow and cold we just couldn’t wait to feel the warm sunshine on our faces and the sand between our toes; Which was the only thing that made the miserable overnight flight bearable.

We stayed at the Ocean Maya Royale, It is an all inclusive adults only resort. Once we arrived and got all checked in we went and checked out the buffet which I was pretty disappointed with, but to be honest I don’t believe buffets are my thing, because they never seem to be good to me, but that’s ok, as long as there is a beautiful beach and sunshine that’s really all I need. After we ate we and were able to check into our rooms we headed straight to the beach. It did not disappoint!



Pictures don’t do it justice, it was beautiful! We just layed out and chilled while we listened to a live band slaughter some of our favorite songs! LOL it was great.

After relaxing we got cleaned up and had dinner at their Italian restaurant.  It had the most beautiful views! My dinner was ok, but i think I was in the minority, most everyone else loved thiers. I’ve always been a picky eater so It’s not surprising to me that I thought it was just ok.

But this view more than made up for it!


After dinner we headed to the evening entertainment. It was a Grease tribute, and if I am being completely honest it was not good, lol, I was a little concerned that the entertainment was going to be like this for the whole week. We were also so tired from lack of sleep from our red eye flight that it may have something to do with how we viewed everything that day so we decided to call it a night after the show and with a good night’s sleep we could be better judges of everything! But so far I was having a blast!


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