B/B Anti blemish tool

I am a huge picker when it comes to zits! I know better too, like seriously I know not to pick at them, but when I have one and it’s pulsating I throw all common sense and knowledge out the window and will go to town on the poor thing until it’s the size of Texas! Ugh why do i do that?!!?

I also love to watch Dr. Pimple Popper, I know I am not alone in this but I also know that a lot of people can’t stomach it, but boy I can’t get enough, except sometimes it’s even too gross for me! But if you watch her you see that she has cool extracting tools.  and I always wondered if I had better equipment than say my fingernails, that maybe I could actually take care of my zits the proper way.

I recently found the B/B Anti Blemish tool online and knew I had to get it!

The little loopy ends help get the gunk out without tearing your skin all up and the inside unscrews to an awesome little pokey deal that you can pierce your skin with to help extract the white or black head before attempting to get the junk out, well that excited me the most because I have been known to get a deep cyst type zit and mess with it way before it’s ready and actually have taken a safety pin or whatever sharp object I have laying around and try poking it in there which I totally know better but again, when it happens something comes over me and I turn into a crazy person, So now I feel better,  knowing that I am armed and ready to tackle my next monster zit! But I haven’t gotten the chance to try it out yet, which I am totally ok with, in fact if owning this means I will never have another one again, I am totally down with that too!! I just feel better knowing that I have it, kind of like Car Insurance, homeowners insurance, Life Insurance, now I can rest easy, I now have Zit Insurance!! LOL


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