New Year, New Goals… sort of

This new year I wanted to come up with something to work on and I wanted it to not be about my weight or a new diet or whatever. I have tried so hard this past year to worry less about the number on the scale and focus on just being healthy.  But if you know me at all, I have struggled with body issues and mental issues about my body my whole entire life! It consumes my every thought most days. I have to constantly tell myself I look ok, I am not sure why it is so deeply ingrained in me but I fight the body shaming demons in my head almost every single day! I will catch a glimpse of the cellulite on my thighs, or a fat roll on my back or the dreaded flabby arms in the mirror and it will consume my thoughts for the rest of the day. It sucks. I often look at other people enjoying their life in their not so perfect bodies and I am so jealous of them.

Believe it or not this past year I have actually been better than I have ever been at trying to accept me for me, even though it is still there, I have come a long way. As soon as i start to think those negative things I try to stop myself and focus on the good, and tell myself that if my friends and family dont like me because i am a little chubby, I don’t want them as friends. I have to believe that my friends could care a less what my body looks like and hopefully love me for what’s inside? I know that’s how i feel about my friends. So why i put a different standard on myself I will never know?


When looking to find the perfect message to put on my message board for the New Year, I saw this one and knew this was it, this is my new years resolution. I am going to try to love my body more and criticize it less, sounds easy right? Might be the hardest one yet actually, but I sure hope I stick to it because I believe that is the key to happiness… Love yourself and all it’s beautiful imperfections!!


2 thoughts on “New Year, New Goals… sort of

  1. Love it friend!! I’m right there with you. Positivity! Woooo!!!! My new saying to myself is, “if I was 16 and saw what i looked like at 50 the way I am, would I be happy about that?” Damn straight I would. Haha! So embracing myself cellulite and all. Still want to work on getting healthy though! Love you friend! Thanks for the post!

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    1. You are so right!! I’m so glad i have friends like you who totally get me!! Love you and here’s to being more healthy mentally and physically in 2020 , cheers!!🥂


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