Brigitte’s Favorite Things Box (December)

Ok I am so glad I didn’t cancel this subscription after the first month! I absolutely loved the December box!! Thought i better share with you before January’s box comes! Where does the time go?



First thing I noticed was the super cute beanie! I had been eyeing a beanie just like this one for a while now, I love how warm it is and it’s fully lined in warm fuzziness. I also love the gloves, they have those magic fingertips so that you can still text without having to take off your gloves! Genius!!

The next thing I noticed was the super cute pillow cover! Oh my gosh I love it! I immediately took it out of the box and slipped it over one of my existing pillows I have on my couch, It matches my decorations so well!

Next I noticed the magnetic cell phone holder that clips onto your car’s air vent. I wasn’t sure it would really work, but man I am impressed at how well it stays on and now using my gps will be that much easier! Yay! Tyler even saw it and said he would love one too…  yep, he’s totally getting one in his stocking, i love it when I find new stocking stuffer ideas!

I have seen people wear these super cute clips and bobby pins all over, I haven’t had a chance to try them out for myself, but hopefully sometime during the holidays I will take the time to switch things up and try to look fancy and cute.


I am starting to notice something, every box so far has come with a bath bomb and a sample pack of Perk energy drink. I love taking baths so the bombs are awesome, I am still on the fence about the Perk drinks, I know everyone loves them, I have come to the conclusion that I don’t love hot drinks! I will drink hot cocoa every once and a while but I think my tongue is super sensitive and I always have a rough mouth for a day or two after… so It’s just ok for me. But I will give it a try because I would love to have something that would fight these cravings and give me some energy!! Hopefully one of these months they send a flavor that changes everything for me.

Seriously guys this months box was my favorite so far, so many fun things I kind of can’t wait to see what January brings!

Oh wait I almost forgot, she also included a family Christmas card.That’s the kind of thing that makes it feel more personal than a business. And seriously I watch all her insta stories I feel like she is a friend and have no problem hanging their family card along all the other friends and family cards I get this year:)


So If you ever see that she has spots open for her favorite things box, I would suggest giving it a try, it’s a really fun little box.


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