Girls Christmas Lunch

I don’t get to spend as much time with these ladies as I would like to, but these girls right here are some of my favorite people, they have been through many ups and downs with me over the years, I feel so lucky to have found them, everyone should have good friends like these!!


Yesterday we got together for a little Christmas lunch. With some who have to work, this was the only time we could squeeze in a little get together during this busy holiday season.  Heck it’s hard enough when it’s not a holiday season, life gets busy, it’s so important to take time out for yourself and for your friends!

I hosted this year, I decided to keep the stress out of my life this year and just ordered Olive Garden! LOL Seriously who needs to spend hours cooking? I also feel like maybe I am growing up a little or realizing that no one really cares. You see old me would have had to spend hours making something delicious and fun and had to have every room in my house spotless before hosting such a party, and old me would probably have to go out and buy new dishes because my everyday dishes would clash with the Christmas decor. Yep old me had some serious issues…

So I ordered Olive Garden, cleaned up the kitchen and family room and instead of buying new stuff I made do with what I had, and funny thing is, I got more compliments on my mismatched table setting then I probably would have on something perfectly matchy matchy! You know how you always get random dishes with your gifts? I never know what to do with all of them, but I save them because they are so cute… well I am glad I did, because it made for a fun table setting with zero $$$ out of my pocket! Win, Win!! Also my gifts were wrapped in a brown paper sack… and you know what? Nobody cared about that one either! you see What I am getting at here? We put way too much into what others think and how things appear, that it takes away from all the good stuff!

So I guess I am just trying to say, Enjoy your friends, family and this special time of year, try to worry less about appearances and just live in the moment! I mean look at these pictures we tried to take… Terrible lighting, phone propped up on some boxes and we dont all look perfect, but we had a good time taking them and that’s all that matters! I Love these girls and I know they wouldn’t care if my house was a mess and i served food on paper plates, these are the kinds of friends everyone needs!!


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