Sister’s Gift Exchange

Every year for as long as I can remember, we as sister’s and sister in laws have gotten together after Thanksgiving to sort of kick off the Christmas season and exchange gifts. This used to also include making gingerbread houses, but over the years the tradition has changed, but one thing has stayed the same and that is to find a little something to give to each other and spend a little quality time together (the ones that live nearby that is). The other’s who live far away we send them their gifts:)

I love that we have kept this tradition alive. It seems that most other traditions have died off by now, but the fact that we all still make it a priority makes me so happy. It’s not even so much about the gifts, I know it gives some anxiety every year, which isn’t the purpose of this get together, it is just that, the finding the time to spend some quality time all together and the gift giving is more of a way to share a little something with them, I think gifts are one of the ways you can show a person you think about them and care for them.  It does not have to cost a lot either. I have learned that giving and receiving gifts is  one of my love languages and It absolutely has nothing to do with what the gift is, just that someone put forth the effort to think of me.  I will say that when putting up my christmas decorations every year when I grab a decoration or candle or soap or whatever it is from years past from one of my sister gifts it always puts a huge smile on my face! As the years have gone by and our little families have grown, it is getting harder and harder to find a time that we can all relax and catch up with each other’s lives. But so far we have done it and it makes this girls heart happy 🙂

Last night we had our get together. This year we had it at my parents house. We decided to order food and eat it there, exchange our gifts and then help my dad put up his christmas decorations. You guys this isn’t a little job, my mom has made stockings for all of us and our spouses and kids, I believe there is a total of 47 stockings to put up alone!! With my dad’s job of watching mom 24/7, it’s just too hard for him to do himself. We figured with all of us we could whip it out pretty quick! And had a good time catching up while doing it.

Didn’t take too many pictures, too busy having fun!

What a great night! I always feel so good after spending time with all of them!  I love my family, the only thing that would make this evening better would be if all of my sister’s were there, just missing Ashley, Nancy and Rachael!


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