Chair Seat Covers

We’ve had our Kitchen table for almost 15 years now and while I’d love to get a new one, I’m just not ready to right now, too many others things come before it. The chairs have a leather like seat on them and they are starting to look pretty bad, so bad I was getting  pretty embarrassed by them, I mean one of them got a hole in it and Doug actually Duct Taped it shut! Ugh! yep I made sure that was the chair I sat in, I didn’t want anyone else to see that redneck chair! LOL


So you better believe that was enough to get me searching for a replacement. I actually was getting all prepared to learn how to cover these myself, I figured how hard could it be? Just pick up some fabric and a staple gun and it would be a piece of cake! Well that was the plan up until one day I was dreaming of just buying all new chairs and started searching Amazon, because Let’s be honest, the older I get the less I want to do these types of projects!! while searching I found Chair seat covers!! What? I knew there were chair covers for the whole chair but just seat covers? This was a whole new thing I never knew existed!! I wasn’t sure these would work for my chairs because the seats on mine measured a little bigger than what these were made for but for $35 I figured it was worth a shot!


When these came I wasn’t sure they would work at all, they looked a little too small and felt a little too flimsy to do the job, but I gave them a shot anyway.


Oh my gosh these turned out better than I could of imagined! It was so easy too! just unscrew the seats from the chairs, stretch the cover over and tie to secure then put back onto the chair! Whoo Hoo!


I guess I can live with my kitchen table and chairs a little bit longer now! That just saved me some time and a lot of money! I love it when i find little life hacks!!


2 thoughts on “Chair Seat Covers

  1. You have no idea how much I needed this! I have GOT to cover my kitchen seats. Thank you!!! Wooooo!!! Never knew these existed.

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