Stitch Fix Box # 13

I swear I only get these boxes every three months but boy does three months fly by!! I picked every three months because it always seems to be a change of seasons every three months around here and it’s so nice to add a few new pieces to my wardrobe at the change to help me get excited. Well with winter around the corner I NEED this one to be a good one because I HATE winter, not sure if I have ever mentioned that or not? LOL

This fix I asked my stylist for some cute sweaters and I pinned a few things on my board but that’s about all I did before this fix.

I was worried because I liked everything I saw right out of the box which usually means I don’t like the items on me, but this time I was pleasantly surprised, I like everything!! Whoo Hoo, this is saying a lot being that I just recently put on a few LBS( darn you menopause) and am struggling with finding things to wear in my closet i feel comfortable in.


The first thing I tried on was the Jeans by Judy Blue Lynn Bootcut jean, I haven’t worn bootcut for a few years now and bootcut have always been a favorite of mine just for the simple fact that they help even out my shape. I don’t think i need to point out the obvious, my hips and butt are much bigger than the rest of me 😛 But skinny jeans have been around for so long, it’s nice to see other silhouettes are coming back in style! I wish I would have changed my boots to a lower heel because now looking at these pics it almost looks like my pants are a too short, but with lower heels or flats I should be fine… I hope, I am a little embarrassed…LOL oh well you will have to look past it because I am much too lazy to retake these pics!

Next I tried on the Formosa Color Block Fuzzy Pullover sweater by Fate. I loved this sweater the moment I saw it, it just looked so warm and inviting!

Next I tried on the Ainslie Crew Neck pullover by Eight 18. I love all things animal print but zebra is one I don’t own so this was a fun change. This sweater is so cute and so soft, but a tad too tight around my middle… did I mention menopause is kicking my butt? Anyways, I am going to exchange this one for a medium because it is too cute to pass up!

Next I tried on the Pink Clover Shenaya Knit top it was probably the least favorite of them all but once I tried it on and felt its soft comfiness I knew this is a keeper also! I think this top would be cute to dress up some of my “active wear” too.

And finally I tried on the Bagatelle Aurora Faux leather Detail Wool Coat! I love this coat!! seriously so cute! I tried it on with every single one of these shirts and it looks cute with all of them! I will definitely get my money’s worth out of this one!

So there you have it, another successful fix! the only issue is with sizing, but the poor stylist probably can’t keep up with my ever changing sizes! But it’s really easy to make exchanges and it usually gets to you within the week!  I am hoping by next fix I will be exchanging for smaller sizes not bigger! yep I have goals.

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