Brigitte’s Favorite things Box

If you’ve ever shopped at SexyModest or follow Modestshoppin on Instagram you’ve probably heard about Brigitte’s Favorite things Box. And If you know me at all you know I love me a subscription box, but I wasn’t sure what to expect from these boxes and wasn’t sure I  could justify another Box. This is a box she sends out once a month with a few of her favorite things and she sends a little newsletter explaining each item and why it is her favorite.

This box always seems to be Sold Out so it hasn’t been that much of a temptation, until one day in October she was on her Insta Story saying a few spots opened up and of course, I took that as a sign that I needed to sign up. LOL

I got the October Box. I was super excited to open it, because i literally had no clue what was in these boxes of hers. It was pretty fun to open and see all that was in it and to read her little reasons for including them, but I wasn’t super impressed only because it had a few things in it that I would have no use for because I dont have little ones around ( trick or treat bag and skelton straws). I honestly thought well that was fun and was going to cancel. But time got the best of me and I totally forgot to cancel and my November one came and I was so impressed with this one I am going to stick around to see what December has to offer! LOL I am so glad I forgot to cancel!!

I figure I would share what is in these boxes so if you get a chance to sign up you can get an idea of what you will get.

October’s Box: Halloween Bag, Travel Kit, Perk Energy (Chai flavor), Cinnamon Bun candle, BB Bracelet, halloween straws, bath bomb and $10 gift card to sexymodest

One of my favorites from the October Box is the travel kit…

November Kit. frame with quote, Grape Taffy, Perk Energy (chocolate salted caramel pretzel), Scarf, Socks, Microfiber towel, Cuff bracelet, Bath Bomb, Give & Be Grateful Bracelet, Bonus $10 gift card at Sexymodest


My favorite items in this box is the microfiber towel, no joke I can wash my face with it without soap and it takes all the makeup off! And the scarf, it is so cute and soft and I know I will be wearing it a lot this winter. But really I think i liked everything in this box!

Oh and who doesn’t love a $10 gift card?!

So there you have it, hope that helps you decide if you ever see open spaces for Bridgette’s Favorite things box if you should jump on it or not! I am kind of glad I did, who doesn’t like little surprise gifts every month? I figure anything I don’t want to use for myself will be great to have on hand for last minute gift giving! Win-win!



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