Mission Beach

Utah had some unseasonably cold days a couple weeks ago and If you know me at all winter in Utah is the worst time of the year for me and having those freezing cold days pop up in October, It was making me already dread the upcoming months and I could feel the depression start to creep in. So when my good friend Tami asked me if i would be interested in going to her beach house with her for a week, you better believe I was all over it!! It couldn’t have come at a better time!!

If you ever get the chance to I would suggest traveling on a day of the daylight savings change, we totally gained two hours somewhere along the way, it made for a long but awesome day, we were able to travel all day and still be in California in time to capture the beautiful sunset!

The next day was going to be the warmest day 78 degrees so we decided it would make for a perfect beach day! We just sat in the sun and enjoyed watching the waves crash in, might be my all time favorite thing in the world to do, give me a beach and the sun and I am one happy girl! At one point while watching the waves crash we noticed something jumping out of the water, it ended up being a whole school of dolphins jumping and swimming by, not far from the shore, it was the coolest thing I think I have ever seen, like at one point two dolphins were jumping up like they were practicing a routine at Seaworld or something, seriously the coolest thing I have ever seen. I tried to take pictures of them but I could never time it right.

After the beach we got cleaned up and went to the boardwalk to do some shopping and dinner. Tami and Payton wanted to ride the electric scooters, If you know me at all I have absolutely no experience in doing those types of things, I am one of the world’s biggest worry warts, I worry about everything, what if I crash or run into someone? or worse yet break a leg! LOL So for me to do this was a big step for me. Learning to ride one on the boardwalk with people walking all over probably wasn’t the best idea, but I slowly got the hang of it, and managed to dodge everyone… but I didn’t quite get the handbrakes, for some reason I would instinctively just jump off instead of using the brakes… LOL I am sure I made a total fool of myself, screaming most of the time… but it was really fun.

At dinner I ordered a burger medium, It came still mooing, with much hesitation I sent it back to be cooked a bit more( I absolutely hate doing that), instead they cooked me a whole new burger… It was still pretty raw, at this point, I was over it… let’s just say this was the beginning of many things that had to be sent back this trip and all of us aren’t comfortable doing that, so It made for a funny time for sure!

The next day we got up and went to Disneyland!! We were hoping it wouldn’t be very crowded being that it was a tuesday, and for the most part it wasn’t, at least for Disneyland, but there were more people then we wanted to be there, that’s for sure!

We had such a good time! This was my first time on the Cars ride and we got to ride the new Star Wars ride also… That was so much fun, we had no idea what to expect so that in of itself made for a good time, we were picturing that is what it must be like to go to Disneyland for the very first time.


The next few days were filled with eating, shopping, sitting in the sun, and more eating and shopping! What a great and relaxing time away! We even found out the Rite Aid down the street sold Thrifty’s ice cream! I don’t think it could get any better than that!!

Tami has been my friend since we were in elementary school. And this was the first time I met Payton her daughter, I was a little nervous at first that her daughter would think i was some crazy lady.  Over the years Tami has said how much Payton reminds her of me and how alike we are and how we would get along so well… well she wasn’t wrong, I really enjoyed getting to know her, and I am so thankful to have friends who are willing to share their daughters with me. Girls trips are some of my most cherished trips. Lots and Lots of talking and reminiscing of old times, fixing all of life’s problems, face masks and laughing until you cry are truly some of my most favorite things!!


funny story…Remember me saying we ended up sending food back more than we ever have this trip? LOL well that picture above of Payton and those crab claws, was the ultimate one! On the last night we decided we would eat out at a nicer restaurant. We decided to eat at the Oceanaire Seafood Room in the Gaslamp district in San Diego. When Payton ordered her crab Legs this is what they brought her. She was very confused, not only were there no legs just the claws, they were on ice! She wasn’t sure what to do, so we told the guy she was wanting crab legs, he says oh I’m sorry I will make it right.  A little while later he comes back with crab legs but again they are on ice! So she didn’t want to make a scene and tried to eat them cold but she just couldn’t, we couldn’t figure out why the were not warm like normal crab legs. So we ask the waiter what we were doing wrong, why aren’t these legs warm? He says well she pointed to the raw section of seafood when she said crab legs so I assumed she wanted them cold?!? LOL  So he takes the crab legs back again and steams them up for her but by this time they just don’t taste right to her! LOL I wish you could of seen her face when they brought the legs out on ice, I thought we all were going to lose it, it was the funniest thing ever! Actually it was a tie between that and the time when we were talking about John Cena, I said I am not sure I know who he is and Payton says, You know he is Arnold Schwarzenegger!?! LOL Maybe you had to be there?! But that sentence alone made me know we would get along great! Because I say stuff like that all the time! LOL Good Times for sure!


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