A Total Blast From the Past!!

This past weekend a group of us who grew up together decided we needed to have a reunion of sorts, some of us haven’t seen each other for over 30 years!! Oh my gosh what a total blast from the past this was! Growing up in California and being a mormon was something so different than it is here in Utah, something I didn’t realize how different until raising my own boys. I would say stuff like don’t you want to go to scout camp and be with all your friends? and they would be like, I’m not really friends with those guys and i would be so confused because all of us kids just got along so well, going to those types of things was never even a question, it was a time to hang out with some of your best friends.

We all grew up together, and when I say that, we literally did everything together. Not just church on sundays, not just with people from your own ward either, but the people from the whole stake would get together! We did girls camps, dance festivals, roadshows, stake dances, youth conferences, the list goes on and on! And on top of that, we had early morning seminary together too! You should see the looks we would get when we would all pile out of a van in the front of the high school in the mornings! LOL It didn’t matter that we all had different interests and friends outside of the church either, somehow we were just there for each other, like one big family! I didn’t realize this wasn’t the norm. How fortunate I feel to be able to grow up that way and with these people! This isn’t even all of us, there is so many more that didn’t make it that night.




Raise your hand if you are a grandparent…





I am not going to lie, I started to get a little nervous right before, I thought what if nobody even remembers me?! Well as soon as everyone started coming in it was like the memory floodgates opened up and It felt as if we were right back in high school! We weren’t sure how good this get together turnout would be or how long this party would even go…  well at around midnight we finally decided we better shut it down ( well That is after Shauna’s son-in-law had to get after us for being too loud! LOL that’s good stuff right there).

There is already talk about making this an annual thing!  Im so thankful to be able to see  everyone again, these people right here helped me become the person I am today, they may not know it, but every single one of them was an example to me in some way or another and being with them just felt like home. Next time we hope to get even more of us together!

Here’s a few pics from the good ole’ days



lol here’s a then and now side by side of Clay Dover and I … Too good! look at those bangs!?! Wow! Too funny!!




2 thoughts on “A Total Blast From the Past!!

  1. This is so awesome! I love hearing how it was being a member in CA. I had no idea! I love lifelong friendships. The pics you posted are awesome!


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