Just Add Chocolate

Shauna and I decided to check out this cute little place called Just Add Chocolate. We signed up for an hour chocolate workshop where you get a little demonstration of how and what you can do with all the different chocolate techniques they have and then you are set loose to create whatever yummy chocolate creations your little heart desires!

When we first got there they had placemats with everything you would need to get started, that included a little paper apron and hat! LOL We felt super cute and professional, in fact we kind of felt like Lucy on I love Lucy, only we didn’t have to stuff chocolates into our shirts or anything crazy like that! LOL

It took a minute for us to get our creative juices flowing, but once we did, there was no stopping us! It was a small group of us, Shauna, me and two other couples who looked like they were on dates. I’m not certain, because they were all so quiet, i think we were the rowdy ones in the group…Ok you know we were! These guys were so chill and they were super quick too, they were done in like 30 minutes and Shauna and I ended up being there almost an hour and a half! LOL

They had all kinds of toppings to choose from, from nuts, candies, and sprinkles to cookies, brownies, marshmallows, pretzels to all kinds of fillings like peanut butter, and cookie butter fillings, carmels, and toffees and a whole assortment of cream’s… there was so much to chose from it was a little overwhelming at first to be in a room full of all my favorites and trying to come up with the best combinations!


They even had big chocolate fountain type things that you could run different things threw like pretzels and toffees, Yummm just look at all that delicious chocolate, I could watch those things all day!

I had such a good time, it was so nice to just show up and have everything you need ready for you and use all the equipment and stuff and make a mess and then be able to walk away and have someone else clean up after you!! By the end I was thinking I need to become a chocolatier and come up with the latest and greatest new candy combinations because i am pretty sure some of mine will be a hit 😉

It has been so much fun to be able to hang out with Shauna again, I feel like we are back in high school when we get together, and I am so glad she will do these crazy things with me

This would be so much fun for a group of friends, or date night, or family time, I am already thinking I need to do this with my sisters the next time Ashley is in town! So much fun!!  oh and they also encourage you to taste and sample things too… what is not to like about that!?!


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