So it seems like everywhere you look girls are sporting the layered necklace look, I love that look, are you kidding, I am from the bling era so over accessorizing is my jam. I am so glad that look is in!! Now my only issue was how was everyone wearing these multiple necklaces without them becoming one big knot by the end of the day?? I tried it out a couple times and was feeling defeated every time, until one day while scrolling mindlessly down Instagram I noticed an Ad for Necklet. It’s a little magnetic clasp that lets you wear three necklaces at a time without them becoming a big jumbled up mess!! It was genius, but a little expensive so i didn’t buy it and kept on scrolling by. But on Labor Day they had a 40% off deal and I figured it was some sort of sign from up above that I was supposed to try these out!


I was so excited to start using them I didn’t read any instructions or anything before because how hard could it be? I mean it is pretty self explanatory. So the first few times I used it I was pretty disappointed, the necklaces still got pretty tangle and the little clasp kept falling to the front, which isn’t pretty at all! I was pretty frustrated and glad I had gotten them on sale. But decided to go online and read a few reviews and it seems I wasn’t the only one having these problems. So I went back onto the Necklet website and decided to read the instructions.

First thing I was doing wrong was putting the chains on without the clasp being closed. Not sure why that made a difference, but it did! Next thing I learned is that you need to have at least one heaver piece on your stack, I learned that my cheaper necklaces worked better for some reason?? I also learned when putting the necklace on you should make sure you put it on the same way you made it, like if you put a certain necklace at the top that should be the way you put in on your neck, try not to  twist it or put it on backwards, it just won’t work!



After trying a couple different combos, I was able to get my necklaces to stay fairly untangled! It is super easy to grab and put on too! Now I just need to go threw all my necklaces and come up with a good everyday stack, because switching these out everyday is proving to be too much work for me!  I guess that’s why people buy more than one! LOL



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