Weekend With Friends


This past weekend we were invited to go back up to Mt. Pleasant to stay the weekend with our good friends Tony and Shannon and Dan and Niccole. We stayed with Tony and Shannon same time last year but this year was a little different, it was just us couples. Par-Tay!!

I have heard over and over again from many different people that they find that making friends and keeping friends when they are older is very difficult. So I feel extremely lucky to have found  “new” friends at this stage of my life. In fact I feel even luckier that all of us wives get along really well as well as all the husbands! From the moment I met them It was easy, it was like I have always known them. They seem to like us despite our many quirks, and I love that I can be myself and there is no fakeness going on at all with any of us. Finding people who will except you for you is awesome.

There wasn’t anything on the agenda really but to relax and chill, oh and don’t forget Eat!!  Ya I am pretty darn good at all of those things, in fact you might say I am an expert! LOL  I mean check out this footlong hot dog I ordered at Wheeler’s Drive In in town.  I swear that thing was longer than a foot! And yes, I finished every last bite of that thing! I’m no quitter!!

We drove up to the top of the mountain and checked out the amazing views, the leaves were changing colors and it was breathtaking, pictures don’t really do it justice!! Utah really is beautiful this time of year. If I can’t be at a beach this is definitely the next best thing.

Doug even carved our names into a tree.

Apparently it’s a lot harder to do than it looks! LOL

We also played a game called Codenames, if you know Doug, games are not his thing, but we were able to get him to play and he actually had a really good time playing it.

We are all pretty competitive which made it that much more fun. We played boys vs. girls, I am pretty sure us girls won! But to be totally honest I can’t even remember who won, but that we had so much fun! Ya,I am definitely buying this game I can’t wait to play it with my kids!

Friends, Eating, relaxing, chatting, watching Conference, playing games, amazing views… it really doesn’t get better than this!




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