Color Corrective Makeup

So I don’t know how I have managed to live my 49 years in life without knowing the power of concealer or color corrective makeup!?!  Some girls are so good at makeup I have never felt super confident in my makeup application, I honestly don’t know the first thing about all the tricks that girls do. So when I was finally able to start trying to cover all the bruises on my face I realized I needed to dive deep into the YouTube world and figure this stuff out. After falling down a rabbit hole of videos, I finally decided all I would probably need was a good concealer in close to my normal shade and a couple of color correcting concealers. With a lot of trial and error I was finally able to get most of my bruising covered.  I picked a Boo Boo Cover Up concealer because it is supposed to help you heal while you wear it, i mean who doesn’t want that? Not sure if it helped or not but it was a nice thick concealer that seemed to do the job. The other three colors still kind of confuse me, I messed around a lot with them. seemed to me that I would be using green more than the yellow or rust color but to my surprise I ended up using the yellow and rust the most!? I honestly couldn’t tell you what worked the best.


I quickly learned that no two bruises cover the same! Every day I was mixing and blending different color combinations to find the right shade to be able to cover these bruises without looking like I was a clown piled high with makeup! It was hard for me and I can honestly say that I’m so glad I don’t have to do this on the daily, i am not sure how girls spend so much time putting their makeup on like this? I can’t be bothered most of the time, so this was really out of my comfort zone, but also kind of fun, to watch the transformation too, Here are a few before and after pictures. it kind of blows my mind!





A few things I learned… A little goes a long way. Wait a few minutes after covering a bruise with color corrector and put a little powder on it to set before trying to blend with the rest of your foundation, and my last thing I learned is, it’s ok to not be perfect most people don’t even notice half of what you are worrying about anyways!

So there you have it, now the next time I have a huge red zit or some other unfortunate thing pop up on my face I might be able to bring out my new found skills and cover them up!! But for now I will just stick to my CC cream. I was never really good at Arts and Crafts, this was a little too much for me! LOL



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