Profound Update One week out

So for the most part the recovery for this Profound treatment has been a breeze. I wouldn’t say I was in pain, just a bit of uncomfortableness for the first day or two,  I never  had to take anything for the pain, it just wasn’t bad enough for that at all. The worst part for me was looking a bit swollen the first day or two and the rest of the time it was the bruising that got to me. I was told not to wear any make up for a full week, and that was what kept me home not because of how I felt. I did venture out of the house at day 4, I did get a lot of looks, but other than that it was not a big deal. I took pics and video of this week so you could get a real good idea of what to expect if you were to decide to do this yourself.

Day 1 after I was still pretty swollen and I kept icing on and off all day


Day 2. Swelling going down, but with all the greasy ointment all over my face and the bruising coming in a little darker, I definitely wouldn’t go anywhere today

Day 3. feeling a little better because I don’t have to wear the ointment on my face anymore which makes me feel less greasy and gross.

Day 4. Even though I looked pretty scary still I actually went out of the house today. I saw a lot of people staring at me, I can only imagine what they were thinking! LOL oh well it really felt good to get out. Started applying heat to my face.

Day 5. My bruises are changing colors i can tell the heat is doing something. I will sit with the heating pad on my face a couple times a day.

Day 6.  totally forgot to take pics, but the bruising is continuing to get less and less.

Day 7. I full week since I had this treatment done and I had a bridal shower to go to and was finally allowed to wear make up, which was perfect timing.

*without makeup

*with makeup… it’s crazy, what a little( ok maybe a lot in this case) makeup can do! I finally feel like I can go about my normal life now. So One full week of looking a bit rough, but that really isn’t bad at all! I am super excited to see what results I will have from this!!



So There you have it, seriously not bad at all and if this does what it says it will, I would do this again in a heartbeat!!

Remember if you live in Utah and want to get this done, Aesthetica Med Spa is offering a $500 discount to all my readers, just mention Janna’s Journey when scheduling your appointment, remember all consults are free too!!



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