Profound Update One week out

So for the most part the recovery for this Profound treatment has been a breeze. I wouldn’t say I was in pain, just a bit of uncomfortableness for the first day or two,  I never  had to take anything for the pain, it just wasn’t bad enough for that at all. The worst part for me was looking a bit swollen the first day or two and the rest of the time it was the bruising that got to me. I was told not to wear any make up for a full week, and that was what kept me home not because of how I felt. I did venture out of the house at day 4, I did get a lot of looks, but other than that it was not a big deal. I took pics and video of this week so you could get a real good idea of what to expect if you were to decide to do this yourself.

Day 1 after I was still pretty swollen and I kept icing on and off all day


Day 2. Swelling going down, but with all the greasy ointment all over my face and the bruising coming in a little darker, I definitely wouldn’t go anywhere today

Day 3. feeling a little better because I don’t have to wear the ointment on my face anymore which makes me feel less greasy and gross.

Day 4. Even though I looked pretty scary still I actually went out of the house today. I saw a lot of people staring at me, I can only imagine what they were thinking! LOL oh well it really felt good to get out. Started applying heat to my face.

Day 5. My bruises are changing colors i can tell the heat is doing something. I will sit with the heating pad on my face a couple times a day.

Day 6.  totally forgot to take pics, but the bruising is continuing to get less and less.

Day 7. I full week since I had this treatment done and I had a bridal shower to go to and was finally allowed to wear make up, which was perfect timing.

*without makeup

*with makeup… it’s crazy, what a little( ok maybe a lot in this case) makeup can do! I finally feel like I can go about my normal life now. So One full week of looking a bit rough, but that really isn’t bad at all! I am super excited to see what results I will have from this!!



So There you have it, seriously not bad at all and if this does what it says it will, I would do this again in a heartbeat!!

Remember if you live in Utah and want to get this done, Aesthetica Med Spa is offering a $500 discount to all my readers, just mention Janna’s Journey when scheduling your appointment, remember all consults are free too!!



11 thoughts on “Profound Update One week out

    1. Hi KT, yes I am still happy with the results! I do not regret doing it at all. I believe my skin looks healthier and a little tighter than it was before. I sometimes think maybe it didn’t do that much, until I go back and look at the before pictures then i remember just how much it has helped!


  1. Hi Janna, did you prep your body by taking Arnica before your Profound or continue the Arnica sublingually throughout our treatment? Did you also use any Arnica cream topically or Vit K cream? Did you eat pineapple for the Bromelain to help with the bruising as well? Also, did you cut out all alcohol and Omega 3’s before your treatment? I’m asking because I am considering having Profound done on me and I want to know if I could expect similar bruising or swelling results depending on whether or not you prepped your body for the treatment with Arnica and Bromelain and not drinking alcohol or taking vitamins that thin the blood. You look great and I’m sure you look even more fabulous now! Thanks for letting me know how you prepped for the treatment and after-care you used.


    1. Hi Tracy, As far as prepping my body before, I didn’t really take any supplements. I made sure not to take any aspirin/Ibuprofen for two weeks before. I also stayed out of the sun for the two weeks before and made sure i wore my sunscreen everyday. I am not a drinker so i that wasn’t an issue. After the treatment I did take arnica pills ,the clinic I went to provided them for me. I don’t recall if i started them before or not( bad memory) Honestly the recovery was pretty easy for me but i know everyone is different. Good luck in your decision of whether or not to have the procedure done, I am happy with mine, I really just wanted a more natural result then fillers, and I am not really sure I would ever do a facelift, so for me this was perfect way to give myself a little refresh.


      1. Hi Kat, I will have to remember to take a pic without make up one of these days, it would be interesting to see, as it is over 3 years since I had this procedure done. It’s hard to say if I look different now??


  2. Thanks for informing women on the Profound procedure. The photos are very helpful as I’m on day 3. The moustache bruising is a little scary to me, but glad it fades away quickly.


    1. Yes that mustache bruise is a little scary, but it will all be worth it in the end! Hope you heal fast!!


    1. I cant remember why I switched to heat instead of ice, but it seem to start healing faster when i did??


      1. Late reply – but once your bruises settle in and your initial inflammation is down massaging or heat , anything that increases blood flow to the area really helps to bring down bruising by bringing inflammatory cells to the area. massage may be safer in terms of not increasing swelling but heat can’t hurt you then just may puff you up a bit but help with bruising.


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