Today is the Day I get The Profound Treatment!

After my consultation and discussing more about the treatment and me confirming that I do indeed want to go ahead with this, she explained in detail all the instructions for before and after treatment. And what to expect both with the end results and during the healing process. She wanted to make sure I knew it was a slow gradual improvement over time, to not expect to look better right away. To me this was a major plus. I love the more natural approach to things and the fact that I will be building my own collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic acid instead of pumping my face full of stuff, that made me happy. I should start to see results around 2-3 months out but I wont see the full results till about 6 months and a chance it can improve even more up to a year!

There is a little down time, I can expect to be bruised and swollen for a few days. but to give myself about a week of downtime, but it could be longer. Not going to lie, this part scares me a tad, but I am prepared to stay inside and catch up on some light cleaning and things around the house. No working out for 5 days… So nothing too strenuous.  I also can’t wear makeup for a week! Yikes, I am going to be one scary looking lady! But If it really does all that it says it does, it will be well worth it!!!

I booked my apt for exactly two weeks from my consultation and Boy did that seem like a super long two weeks! But today is finally the day I go into Aesthetica Medical Spa to get the Profound treatment done!!  For the Past two weeks I have never been so diligent about wearing my sunscreen and making sure I have had my 8 glasses of water in all of my life. I was determined to do everything asked of me to ensure the best results possible!

I am kind of anxious and nervous about it all. But Rachiele is so calming it’s hard to stay that way… that and the fact that I am feeling pretty good right about now with my Valium.

First she had me come in and take before pictures.  That’s a very important step to make, because with the changes being so gradual you might forget just how bad it really was before. Yep with no makeup on and no smiles, it felt more like taking mugshots. Yikes I can’t believe I am even sharing these…EW!

After the pictures, she covered my face in numbing cream and let me chill for like 30 minutes to ensure I was fully numb before injecting the local anesthetic.

A little video clip I made while waiting for the numbing cream to take effect. LOL

After waiting to make sure I was completely numb she proceeded with the procedure.  The actual procedure took maybe 45 minutes. It really wasn’t bad at all. All that anxiety for nothing. I literally was relaxed and chill the entire time. I am so dumb I have never had Valium before so I was kind of nervous taking it and started to worry about all the what if’s like, what if I am allergic or do something super weird? LOL no wonder I need Valium, I worry about everything!!

As soon as i sat up my face started swelling pretty good, I was looking like a major chipmunk or blowfish, I can’t decide which one, but definitely big and bloated!!

Immediately after she had me ice my face for about 30 minutes before I left.


I had to have a ride home of course, I was still feeling the effects of the Valium. When I got home I was still pretty numb. I was told to ice on and off every 15 minutes or so, I set an alarm and made sure I did exactly as I was told because I definitely didn’t want to prolong the swelling or bruising!

I must be still feeling the affects of the valium cause I made another video… the last sentence gets cut off but i say I don’t like to take drugs but I pretend I do! LOL That’s funny Stuff!!

This was me a couple hours after…not too bad, to be honest I thought I would look worse, so far so good!! Stay tuned I will update you on how the healing process went in the next few days.

*** If you are interested in doing this procedure also, I have great news, Aesthetica Medical Spa is letting me offer my friends, family and readers $500 off if you tell them I sent you!!  Prices will vary depending of your needs and areas you want done but Consultations are free! If you were ever interested in something like this, now would be a good time to check it out! Hurry up though because I don’t know how long they will honor this offer for! To set up a consultation  call 1(801)785-8884 or check out more on their website  Aesthetica Medical Spa




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